3 beautiful destinations in Vietnam you should go this summer


Do you know beautiful destinations in Vietnam you should go this summer? We will suggest some places for you to explore and feeling. Let’s go to see now

1. Con Dao island paradise of pristine and healthy

3 beautiful destinations of Vietnam you should go this summer

Along with 9 other islands in the world in Yemen, Australia, Japan, Korea … Lonely Planet magazine voted Con Dao is one of 10 pristine and pure islands best in the world. From an famous political prisoner custody island, Con Dao has turned into a tourist paradise with a preserved national park, the island has dense forest, refuge and breeding of dolphins, turtles and beautiful coral reefs. The tourists come here not just swoon before the blue sea and white sandy beaches stretching, the happy couple can also visit the famous historical sights and enjoy the sea turtles in season brood from May to November. Pristine Con Dao island and only includes some resorts are less concentrated in the town of Con Son. Perhaps because of the silence, this pristine island a destination for romantic couples who want a private space in the honeymoon period.

2. Lonely with the fog and Ba Na clouds

3 beautiful destinations of Vietnam you should go this summer

At a height of almost 1500m over sea level, four season climate meet during the day, nearly a hundred years ago, Ba Na had become a great tourist destination for tourists who want to enjoy the hard-minded summer sun and passion of the fog and cold of autumn and winter in a short stay.

Just over 45km from Da Nang in central Vietnam coast when temperatures are in summer, you still need a jacket, wool blankets at this temperature for about 12-18 degrees C. Moments of the season is always the most beautiful time of year, and the Ba Na, you will feel it every day ..

3 beautiful destinations of Vietnam you should go this summer

The most valuable experience for visitors to Ba Na does not stop at the panoramic views from the mountain, from hotels or resorts between the fresh air, pristine mountains, including the stream as water colour painting…. but when you find yourself lonely with the clouds floating in the mountains over motorbike. Course can take the telpher, but the romantic couple and as tourist to explore the style, the ride Honda motorbike to Ba Na in the afternoon to clear up is promising the moon will be an unforgettable celebration.

3. Dai Lai – Da Lat middle Hanoi

3 beautiful destinations of Vietnam you should go this summer

In Hanoi, a romantic comedy told the couple a divorce after this: “you did not honeymoon in Dai Lai, right?”. You will understand the meaning of the saying that when the vast lake surrounded by hills, lush green glossy leaves and eucalyptus, information … located in Tam Dao mountain, only 40km away from Hanoi.

Overall this is eco-tourism area, an ideal worth to support most of the tourists expect to find calm and cool in the sultry day last summer. Dai Lai lake more than 500 hectares wide, and if the total area of  the surrounding area with hills, mountains, forests you plant … the resort area is about 3000 ha. The expansion of real estate investment to the region has turned the scene Dai Lai became very attractive. Mixed among the pine canopy and eucalyptus are the splendid villas or multiform shapes. You’ll hear the music through the poetic and romantic without until Da Lat. Equally interesting, if you going to the bird island in the center lake on the right bird nesting season, you will be stunned before hundreds of birds fly from afar, lively and lovely. And if you were holding hands and walking the beautiful space and always remember that happy moment, you will try harder to protect and preserve their marriage before the storm and the difficulties of life.