B52 Victory Museum – The place save part of Hanoi

B52 Victory Museum is at address 157, Doi Can Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi. The museum is displaying weapons, material to achieve a feat of the Hanoi People’s and army in the Dien Bien Phu battle in 1972. Also, here is a place to keep photos, the kind of mental battle, to win as well as cunning and creative capital in people’s struggle against the American empire.
B52 Victory Museum - The place save part of Hanoi
The museum was established on 22/12/1997, each year welcoming thousands of tourists to visit. The museum is considered one of the most unique museums in the world.Museum of recorded events on the battle of Dien Bien Phu in 1972 did not last American hit northern of Vietnam, especially Hanoi. At this time, the B52 plane was a flying fortress impregnable by the U.S. military government. For that reason want to “make North Vietnam back to Neolithic” to prevent the support of the Northern for the South, save a portion upper on the negotiating table, the U.S. has done a campaign to invade fierce. However, the things people are incredibly “B52 flying fortress impregnable” has been shot down.According to documents left at the museum, then in 12 days and nights of the war (in late April 12/1972), the U.S. has used 726 times B52, 3120 on tactical aircraft and thousands of tons of bombs poured down domain North. Which in Hanoi, the U.S. has used B52 444 times, more than 1,000 tactical aircraft, throwing more than a thousand tons of bombs, killing 2380 people and injured 1355 people. In this war, troops of the capital Hanoi and also fought with resounding victories typically shot down 358 aircraft of U.S.including 25 B52 aircraft.

Failure in 12 day-night raid, the U.S. had to sit at the negotiating table in Paris in 1973 with the terms beneficial to Vietnam.

B52 Victory Museum - The place save part of Hanoi

Current exhibits

The museum is showcasing the weapons and ammunition up the capital’s people and army in the Battle of Dien Bien Phu in 1972 not, B52 wreck. Also, in the galleries of the museum preserved the image, the kind of mental battle and cunning, and creative forces of the capital.


Area for the display in the museum is 1200m2. This is a regional referral construction, maturity of the capital, armed forces over the period, including 12 with special emphasis on night fighting fiercely with the capital’s air victories of the Union ” Red Star ” The statistics table, especially pictures of the ruins of Hanoi after the bombing raids to places has come into history: Kham Thien street, Bach Mai Hospital, Hanoi train station … In addition, the campus also has room display maquette general interests of theevolutions in the air battle of Dien Bien Phu. Area of approximately 200m2 this room, represented by three-dimensional space, recreate the neighborhood terrain, the battlefield air defense and fall of the B52 aircraft. This is where recreate historical moments of Hanoi’s most impressive.


Also on display area as mentioned above, the Museum has won B52-air exhibition area. This area is about 4000m2, is on display artifacts such as weapons, weapons that the military capital used in battle as well as evidence of the disastrous U.S.: a B52 of 48,07m wreck,, wingspan of 56.42 m and many other aircraft debris.

Not only is displayed, recreate the heroic history of the capital during the years of fierce war, the museum is a place of cultural activities of various teams, groups with the relics of record victory B52 in other areas of Hanoi as markers in Kham Thien B52 relics point fall in the Soc Son district area, Hai Ba Trung district and rockets battlefield to achieve a feat of  the capital’s air.

The museum is a victory B52 sites attract many tourists to visit the capital and was one address typical cultural history of the area thousands of years culture.