Back to Hanoi- feel and think


Hanoi is the enzyme fascinating blend between ancient and modern features, the city with the characteristics of an Asian shares with the face of a dynamic modern Asia. The city, once a French colony, making even the most unexpected visitor at their most unexpected.

It still is, filled with contrast but still capable of surprise. Walking on any street any, visitors can see at least two of the following places: shops mobile phones, Silk, internet cafe, a pagoda, cafe with France style or a monument to the Communist soldiers. Hanoi is change meat each day and is adorned by a new style cafe. The city is twisting one’s body each second.

Back to Hanoi- feel and think

Conical hat on the head, women tilt fruit baskets on their shoulders, others with the bikes for the hours just picking flowers, while men are sitting on small chairs, drinking coffee at the roadside restaurant, watch the passersby. The leisurely Xich lo around the small streets to find tourists.

Love across the flooded city. Every nook and crannies are utilized in various purposes, such as for cooking, to sell special products or the toilets. Vietnamese people are generally warm and generous. Even a simple gesture (eg, a sentence thanks in Vietnamese) also received a big smile.

Bustling old town is probably one of the most favorite places of many tourists. Across the street are small shops, which sells recycled engine parts, kitchen or any kind of unique plant. Each street is named after the types of goods have been or are still being sold there. For example, Bat Dan, Hang But, Hang Manh, Hang Than, Hang Thung, Lo Ren, Lo Su, and Ma May street.

Back to Hanoi- feel and think
Xich lo – a part of Hanoi

And can not mention food.

Pho– a noodle dish of Vietnam, is a bowl of fiber noodle include vegetables and meat is optional. Food and beverages will not exceed $ 3. However, Hanoi is moving back into a city with a diverse culinary background

Back to Hanoi- feel and think

Spanish cuisine, French, Indian or Asian dishes are easily lost in Hanoi. But the smell of coffee milk and bread basket long as the street corner where the first signal of the morning to remind about the history of the country. I have yet to find a French bakery that, selling delicious croissants in Europe. They do nearly as good – or at least look like the original croissants.

Many large villa is located on the beautiful boulevards, lakes and parks scattered throughout the city, creating a green background for the song endless streets. Speaking of traffic in Hanoi is like talking about the weather in London. People talk about traffic (or the effects of it) every day. I even started talking about it!

1. It took a while I realized that our honking is considered a rude warning in Vietnam, then it is just a gentle reminder: “Hey, I’m here. Let me go first. ” Beep beep.

2. Although the road (and signs)still deprived but traffic is still rhythm. Good drivers can pall over pedestrians. Don’t break the rule at all!

3. Motorcycle: that transport everything. And when I say “everything” that is, it really is everything.

4. Motorcycle equivalent of a small truck in the West, a passenger car can be father, mother, two children and even a kid in the front basket. I met a motorcycle carrying a large bird cage, wood and glass panels is very long. But most surprising is a mountain of chicken eggs is about 1.5m (higher than the driver again).

With each passing day, I can feel the city was growing in her. Though looks gross but I still feel at peace when in the heart of Hanoi. Now I only take 5 seconds to cross the road (compared to 5 minutes ago), and I look forward to exploring the city by bike was bought new. They say, if he does not win it then dissolves into it!