Bai Tho mountain – the place you must come to visit Halong Bay


“From the top of Bai Tho mount a sense of pride in country, homeland, sea, islands and loved Vietnam stunning surge in the heart. When you do not want to come here gloating about that enjoy great landscape of Ha Long Bay”.

Bai Tho mountain - the place you must come to visit Halong Bay
Bai Tho Mountain high 200 m.

Halong Bay is a beautiful natural wonders of Vietnam, the famous tourist destination in the world, the choice of leading international and domestic customers. Many visitors have been memorable, unforgettable memories when you come to Ha Long once or several times through the diary, video and images, is the Bai Chay, Dau Go Cave, Trong Mai… and covered with many emotions to pleasurable …

But there was a place in history, went on singing, poetry that can not be in Ha Long Bay- Bai Tho Mountain – the highest mountain in the bay about 200 m, adjacent to the sea of Halong Bay relic. I was surprised and hard to explain when I went to Ha Long exposure and asked the 10 people who live here, “Uncle (brother, sister …) has not yet the Bai Tho mountain ”. It is only an old man replied: “I took up the anti-American.”

Bai Tho mountain - the place you must come to visit Halong Bay
From the peaks can observe the entire Ha Long Bay.

So how millions of people to Ha Long if are asking this question is easy to get just calmly answer is “No”. You can go to Ba Na (Da Nang), the Huong Tich cave (Huong Pagoda), Dong pagoda (Yen Tu )… but Bai Tho mountain in Ha Long city now that the “forgotten”.

Standing at the foot of Bai Tho Mountain looked up to the top, we feel afraid and scared … but when you have the Long Tien pagoda right foot was built in 1941 to burn incense and worship the Buddha and the generals old life, the spirit of cheer you up completely, as strengthening our feet are on the small sloping road than 45 degrees, through the strees.

After about 30 minutes, you have to climb the haft of the road and looking up at the gold-starred red flag that the urge to step on people. Although more than half the remaining difficult to estimates, about 10 to 15 m is not on breath, wipe sweat, drinking water to continue. And so after an hour with a length of approximately 3 km, we reached the top of the Bai Tho mountain.

Bai Tho mountain - the place you must come to visit Halong Bay
Halong City, Bai Chay bridge the distance

Here are poems carved stone of King Le Thanh Tong, the remains of the old battlefield air defence … on top of the tower flying the flag of the country in sea wind of Ha Long. From here we can see the panorama of Halong city, Bai Chay bridge, Ha Long Bay … fully beautiful pictures, recording footage one of a kind. And your inspiration easily appear the poetry, music …

If you have a tour to Ha Long Bay, you should is scheduled to visit Long Tien Pagoda and Bai Tho Mountain that is the best tour. You will be extremely proud to have set foot on the Bai Tho mountain – Halong Bay.