Banh cuon Thanh Tri- famous food in Hanoi


Bánh cuốn (spring-rolls) Thanh Tri are made from rice fields hour, eight aromatic, make thin as paper. Food that has become a special favorite of this region’s foreign.

Called spring-rolls but not rolling anything out, it is spring-rolls Thanh Tri. That only leaves the pure bread was thin as paper, tender as rise seeding ranked succinct short day each class to each class in a bin, on the train leaves lotus leaves or banana. Retailers are the bread basket on the top, on the hand that sometimes go around thirty-six city wards of Hanoi.

Thanh Tri spring-rolls

Department surely cake by rolling along the flat in Hanoi attenuation is very fine grinding. The stone mortar on the face of transmission received glass stones, wooden handle meetings up in black water, from this life to the other variables are flexible aromatic rice grains into flour first white water course. Rice must Reserved hour type fields, eight aromatic. Not so with the certain not book from rice cakes imported most flexible Thailand.

Thanh Tri spring-rolls

Stove rinse cake kitchen must be rolling than to be catch fire easily No one just north of a kitchen Code cake. At least three red kitchen fire. Bone rice flour are assessed carefully: crushed cake too wishy-washy, but special too, cake thickness you eat raw gas, such interest to a longer one. Items back salt powder, resulting fabrics are on campus. These cover the area. Then the second pot, which is the third. Back to the first pot, shake horizontal one, a sheet of raw rice fragile to be asked. Delete a billion fat for Balloons and fold again. Specifically continue. Bone meal with bread bins and any wires. Usually the driver, the Thanh Tri rinse fire in the wheel. Scratch cakes sold in the morning to Hanoi for the Day breakfast food. Lower down the barrel under lamppost street corner, vendors, inventor read his son. Eat people hunker around bread bins. Some smell of smooth green leaves, cinnamon pieces red grilled, opalescent cake pieces, all for profit in the country period.


Some Adress about Thanh Tri’s spring roll:

– 66 To Hien Thanh Street

– Ngon restaurant
– Hoe Nhai street and some treets in vietnam

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