Become a professional at making Vietnamese noodles


After many years, I realize that there is no definitive formula to keep the typical flavor of Vietnamese noodles. It depends mostly on the creation of different cooks. As a Vietnamese, I am proud of our traditional values, which are preserved through many generations. In addition, among many intangible values, traditional dishes like noodles are a magic attraction not only to Vietnamese but also to foreigners.

Chicken noodle
Chicken noodle

Vietnamese noodles have another national name of “Pho”. One fact is that not many parents nowadays have a wisdom lesson about making Vietnamese noodles to young generation. Partly, they are so busy and do not have time to teach their children. Another reason may be there are various noodle recipes to follow. Then, they do not know where to start to make a perfect bowl of traditional noodles.

However, I am lucky to born in a traditional family, in which all members always try to keep national values from other people as well as reliable cookbooks. To make a typical bowl of Vietnamese noodles, I think the most important point is making savory broth to touch our heart. Furthermore, I am also a big fan of Andrea Nguyen, an expert in international food in general and Vietnamese cuisine in particular. She is very awesome for giving many valuable opinions about making traditional Vietnamese dishes.

Then, here is some interesting guidance for you to succeed in making Pho-Vietnamese traditional noodles. More specifically, it will take you some minutes for the preparation of beef or chicken noodles as well as other ingredients. Then, 30 minutes are the ideal time to complete cooking process and have delicious noodles.  First of all, I would like to give some helpful techniques when choosing fresh ingredients:

  • Good beef bones are necessary ingredient for a flavor broth. Therefore, you had better choose knuckle bones and leg bones that contain marrow for your soup, let ignore neck bones. In case you want to find beef bones in the market, it is easy to need the support from sellers. Two- to three-inch of leg bones are suitable for a great meal. The out-standing feature of Vietnamese noodles is that their flavor comes from grass-fed and natural beef.
  • Besides, a clear broth is made by rinsing the bones to remove all residues in the broth. Then, onion and ginger are charred carefully to create the brown color and special flavor.
  • Remember to use yellow rock sugar during cooking process. It helps bring the deeper flavor and nicer flavor to your bowl.
  • Then, to create the perfect flavor, you should avoid diluting the broth with water. On the other hand, keep some globules of fat on the broth to make the richness of your soup.
  • After that, the bowl should come with boiling water to cook the raw beef or take advantage of other warming functions. For leftover broth, put it to refrigerator for another use.
Hanoi pho - hanoi noodle soup a famous food in vietnam
Beef noodle

Secondly, you may be surprising with some interesting tips when making a perfect bowl of Vietnamese noodles:

  • The first notice that can make you disappointed is roasting the bones. To have a great result, it is unnecessary to roast bones because this can lead to dark broth, not clear result as we have expected before.
  • Next, toasting the spices before putting them to the broth can save time and create flavor for your noodles. For example, after heating star anise, cloves and cinnamon, you crush them carefully and add to the broth.
  • Moreover, you should not use filet or Kobe beef, or other cheap ingredients in your noodles to keep the typical flavor of Vietnamese.
  • In addition, you could find a variety of seasoning packets in Vietnamese supermarkets or even small markets. They are available! Then, it is simple to gather all fresh spices. You will see many great results after doing this job by yourself.
  • Last but not least, if you are southern Vietnamese, let put some spicy sweet sauce to your broth. You can combine your broth with a beef meatball for folk flavor.

In conclusion, becoming a professional at making Vietnamese noodles requires you to have an overall view about Vietnamese habits and souls. Therefore, it is the shortest way to keep the traditional flavor of our noodles and makes it popular all over the world.

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I am a Vietnamese and I am very proud of our traditional values. They vary to vary from history, culture, traditions to national dishes. I spent most of my love for Vietnam cuisine. That is the reason why I always try to bring the best articles for you, not only at our website, but also at other attractive blogs. Wish everyone had wonderful tastes and feel a lot from our traditional values.