Can Tho – explore the life of the Vietnam West


Can Tho city still was named Western capitals – where most business centre of Cuu Long Delta stretches 65km on legendary Mekong River. Today, Can Tho is a bold urban youth culture of the South. With its favorable geographical position, Can Tho city where visitors are always clinging to the legs of the tour from the water.

Can Tho - explore the life of the Vietnam West

Spring appointment in West point

Spring, Can Tho attractions by beautiful scenery, peace and the culture’s bold mark wetland. Can Tho has intricate system of rivers, vast orchards, vast field. The islet as: Tan Loc, Con Son, Con Khuong, Con Au … floating on the Hau river is very unique.

Can Tho - explore the life of the Vietnam West

Ninh Kieu river watering place is a place that most visitors come or when to Can Tho city. Ninh Kieu is the interference between Can Tho and Hau Giang rivers near the center of Can Tho city. With gentle landscapes, romantic, Ninh Kieu wharf went into poetry in a natural way:

“Can Tho have Ninh Kieu river watering place

There is beautiful rivers with many beauty”

Arrive here in spring, visitors will find a variety of precious plants, flowers last from Cai Khe canal until the enclosed old market share recently renovated. On the river was always crowded boats loaded with the sweep against the produce of the Mekong river.

Can Tho - explore the life of the Vietnam West

Floating market trading on the river is a characteristic feature of cultural life in general the South Vietnam, Can Tho in particular. Floating on the river winding, crowded boats, visiting the floating market of Cai Rang and Phung Hiep floating market. In the New Year, bustling floating market buyers, seller, trade exchange all kinds of flowers, fruits, vegetables … specialty gardens. Floating market at this time looks like a huge fruit platter full of brilliant colors in the spring sunshine on the Can Tho river.

Early morning, hundreds of boats on the market combined into a river. Who is selling what they plug a pole to hang on the tip of the boat and want to sell their products on the pole is called ” Beo goods.” Buyers need only look at “Beo tree” is something that just sell boats. Thus, markets do not have announcement sound as the market on the ashore. Sitting on a rowing boat, motor boat to the floating market in recent days to New Year, just look “Beo tree” is the right boat trips can be found purchases.

Can Tho - explore the life of the Vietnam West

In addition to sightseeing, buying green products, visitors have the opportunity to close the mind of the people called “civilians lake.” Year round, they get water to friend. Next, visitors washed in the canal in the island green in the Can Tho city as Con Khuong, Con Au…

Perfume and beauty of hick

To Can Tho City in the spring, visitors can hardly ignore the orchards. Here, visitors actually breathe fresh air, leisurely walk in the shade garden and enjoy the fruits of specialty Can Tho garden.

Can Tho - explore the life of the Vietnam West
Spring on the floating market in Can Tho

Visitors can spend the night in lovely communal house or hospitable people’s house. Go to the Bang Lang stork garden, visitors have the opportunity to witness the sunset flocks of white storks and many valuable and rare birds find the nest. The ecological tour explore Can Tho in the heart of tourists leave much impression. In addition, visitors are relics on 9 occasions that the city recognized historic cultural traditions, such as temples, pagoda, ancient markets in Can Tho, Binh Thuy ancient house, routes arc .. . Learn the traditional villages and the unique features of living of the three ethnic groups – Vietnamese – Hoa- Khmer. Guests will not forget amateur traditional music forms placed in the river make to devote oneself people far away country

Can Tho - explore the life of the Vietnam West

“Can Tho white rice and pure water

Go there not want to return … “

Binh Thuy ancient house
Binh Thuy ancient house
Ninh Kieu - Can Tho - explore the life of the Vietnam West
Night on the Ninh Kieu river watering place