Chang Son village – the famous village make traditional fan in Hanoi


Mention the traditional trade make paper fans, people often mention Ke Vac village or called Canh Hoach village, Dan Hoa commune, Thanh Oai district, Hanoi. But there’s a village make fans well-known no less that is the Chang Son village.

Chang Son village -  the famous village make traditional fan in Hanoi

Chang Son village which is a famous traditional trade villages in Ha Tay province now in Chang Son commune, Thach That district, Hanoi. People of Chang Son is also famous for the “a hundred trades” and trade make fan is one of the many famous trade of the village.

Trade make fan of Chang Son has had hundreds of years. From the 19th century, Chang Son fans are famous at home and abroad. French had brought Chang Son fans many times cross ocean to Paris exhibition. History also record that fans who do well at the village was ordained Ba Ho (the high rank for village authorities or rich people in feudal).

Chang Son people usually take advantage to make fans on the farm at leisure after harvest time. Before the Lunar New Year is that everything has been available for convenient spare time they do. Profession fan but not too arduous, difficult, but requires the demand sophisticated, meticulous to the extremely stylish.

To get desire fan, artisans who spend a lot of work to choose from each bamboo tube make blade of a fan, every rattan fiber make edges and quire of paper for propeller. Bamboo must be flexible, old aged from three years, no termites eaten then blade of a fan will be durable, beautiful. Bamboo cut pipes, shaved green cover, use knife separated bamboo splints, add paint between two bamboo. After that, the bamboo wasbundled several months until the new paint dry that sharpen to blade of a fan. Rattan fiber have shining, smooth, long after weaving not together multiple stages.

Paper make fans is Do paper get buy Dong Ho (Bac Ninh). When making paper for blade of a fan to be clever, meticulously, so that the paper being crumpled, flat folds, steady and convenient for painting work.

Chang Son village -  the famous village make traditional fan in Hanoi

When painting, the artist’s most difficult is the standard fold between blade of a fan. Must be carefully calculated so that when completed, folding fans do not affect competition, the folds are in the right space, not cutting people or cutting objects. If cases are required to cut, then the talent of the artist is to create links so that viewers do not know which material cut without use hands touch the fan. When the fan stage to completion, the artist will paint the glossy paint on fan to keep bright, durable.

Not only has high artistic value that each fan in Chang Son also brought her a sense of philosophical history and sustainability. Fans can make a charming object on the hands young woman, gentlemen in the special occasions or the unique art painting on the wall for decoration.

Whether wall mounted or portable, fans are still well up from a beautiful soft, seductive texture from the photo between the fan. The more fans than impressed by the silk material iridescent royal color, the still shimmering blend with the natural textures are engraving above. Each figure represents the fans as the famous landscapes of the country and the story of the ancient history of the area a national hero … you can say, fans of Chang Son is the essence of convergence of all land of sun and people of Vietnam.

Chang Son village -  the famous village make traditional fan in Hanoi

Chang Son today is very different too. The fans of Chang Son has transoceanic exported to Japan and Korea both models, types and styles varied. Not only do the paper fans, bamboo tape fans that Chang Son who also produced the The fan, silk fan with more the size, separately picture fans have size many meter. Silk fan sell for art troupes, festivals, tourist firms, the international tourists.

Superior fans paintings used to decorate the wall offers a space characterized ancient, popular. The names of the artists as Mo Duong Van, Lan Nguyen Duc, Tuyet Nguyen Lan, Doan Duong Van … no one is not known. Especially Mo Duong Van artists, who has made a fan record in Vietnam, long 9 meters, high 4.5 m, drawing rural market of Hanoi follow sample Hang Trong paintings form displayed at Tet flower street and festival traditional villages and held in Hue in June 2009.

Trade make fans do not just offer high-income people but also an important part in preserving and promoting traditional craft villages a long and promoting Vietnamese culture with friends in the country.

This country has great change one’s look, human life has become increasingly advanced, though not without the modern means of cooling as air conditioners, electric fans, rock fans but tradition fans still have a of great significance important. It is both an affirmation of life of a traditional village, has brought a beautiful rural culture characterized ancient. Images of old people sitting waving a paper fan or Nan fan under shade trees or gable reminds us think to a village of peaceful, quiet, feeling cool the body by familiar fans.