Chinese chess in Hoan Kiem lake – a feature culture of Hanoi people


Hoan Kiem lake not just leave deep mark on those who have ever once heard, once to the this lake through legendary turtle god, the graceful beauty that the creator award. Over time, Hoan Kiem lake has become a center of cultural activities Chinese chess, a intelligence sport to attract intellectual chess players of all ages, wondering about the class to exchange and learn from each other through the moves, game. Long gradual, chess activities on the lake has become a part of the overall landscape of Hoan Kiem lake.

Chinese chess in Hoan Kiem lake - a feature culture of Hanoi people
Nobody remember exactly chess appear Hoan Kiem lake whenever. According to some players who have seniority, at least about 15-18 years ago, people saw the door appear professional Cultural Center – Information (Le Thai To Street) gather to play. Later, increasing amount of players should have extended to opposite of lake . Paying attention, you’ll have about 25-30 chessboard scattered along the western shores of Lake, the may also spill into the the Lake corner of Hang Khay street. Each chessboard average two players and about 4, 5 user. Every day, Hoan Kiem lake welcomed more than 100 guests to participate in activities from chess cool way to make up short.

Most people come in here playing chess is the most of elderly man. Besides the purpose of relaxation, to get some fresh air , they look forward to exchange, learn from the perfect level of play and improve myself. Who ever have the opportunity to join activity of chess in the lake will not necessarily pay attention to the question does not say humor on the language of chess players. For the Army General called “the man has beard a lot” because many brick character, also causes the viewer think of the image Tao Thao in Three Kingdoms story. And to hear the great question types such as “Find the man who has many beard to catch” surely you won’t be hold back laughter.

Mr Nguyen Thanh Phuong, the ward staff retirement Phan Chu Trinh street – Hanoi, who has long played chess for nearly 30 years, people we want to succeed in anything, first virtue required is careful. Especially when playing chess, players can not over tangerines, hurry in every move. How the child playing chess is one of the methods used to educate.

Not only elderly select specific chess, but also class youth chess to choose subjects for their entertainment. Most of them said that chess is a sport intelligence, it reflects the personality, thinking ability, vision, or the level of each player. Most important chess train virtue for people is the ability to look away empty calculated carefully and patiently. Explain why chess to choose their entertainment, Mr Pham Anh Tuan, work at the Institute of Plant Protection, said that playing chess is one of the measures to stimulate nerve cells, helps maintain memory, people are fluent. By the nerve cell is a cell without the ability to just go. People growing up, aging, the cells also fades over time. Anh Tuan said that chess is also a sports show character, views of the East. They do not want to use force to solve any problems, they want to use their intelligence to win.

Chinese chess in Hoan Kiem lake - a feature culture of Hanoi people
Stylish game but useful for everybody

By Hoan Kiem lake, all boundaries between age, class of players are not noteworthy. What players are interested in finding a “supper player” to compete. In chess, the game of chess is divided into two categories: General Common chess and proper chess. The common chess, players are allowed to use all measures, trick, whether bad or nice, provided victory. Contrary to the common chess, the proper chess is the direct exchange between the character of the man. As Mr. Le Dac, the famous chess player, once said: “Chess as life itself.” Indeed, if observed, every move, the position , how to sit, how to hold pawn … you can feel about chessman . Who thought shallow all moves aimed at only the immediate benefits; for human designer is full of attempts to water, how many traps hitchhike insurance; one character calm, mild, look away look that wide , thinking how mature they sit firmly strewn, on chess mode gently without loose, the water system to achieve simple but effective, the flag firmly, the comprehensive manual. People so they win or even defeat, the enemy must be “admire and respect”. Chessboard which often have “supper player” always crowded with viewers, both within and outside the ring. Not only that, it is interesting curiosity of foreign visitors walking on the lake.

Over time, Chinese chess still exist and develop, through a meaningful sports wisdom, healthy. Can say, it has become a focus of cultural activities as an elegant match the types of cultural entertainment capital of the famous people of Thang Long – Hanoi, to the memory of each capital city, people proud to mention the fun of playing chess in Hanoi.