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Best vietnamese girls with long dress

Every nation in the world has a particular type of clothing, when we look at their clothing, we know which country they belong. The Japanese have a Kimono, the Chinese have a gray shirt, etc. Vietnamese people are proud of the tradition of traditional...

Look the Sapa terraced fields in the beautiful season – Top 7 magnificent terraced fields in the world

Mountainous border province of Lao Cai has two beautiful seasons to watch the excitement of the terraces: Seasonal water flowing into the transplanted beautiful like paintings and autumn when golden grain along the slopes fogging ... This is sub-tropical climate monsoon and waiting rain poured...

Travel Ca Mau Vietnam – The best place to explore

Ca Mau Vietnam is that the solely place on the land wherever you'll watch the sunrise on the geographical region, and dive within the East ocean. Ca Mau 350 km from metallic element Chi Minh town on road one has several Southwestern specialties. A place...