Da Lat – City of spring


Da Lat is known as the “city of spring”. Located at an altitude 1.475m above the sea, so even a tropical country, Da Lat still cool climate, with pleasant average temperature is the lowest daily maximum of 24oC and 15oC. Throughout the year are sunny here. Thanks to the climate, both as a city of Da Lat flower garden incense, thousands of colors throughout the year.


Da Lat - City of spring

Climate and landscape characteristics, Da Lat is considered one of European cities is the middle of acres of land in tropical countries. Guests will see the sweater, coats of all colors stand out on the green leaves of trees, the sky’s skin. Da Lat cool almost all year round. Morning, if you need to breathe or do some exercises, you need not look to the park because virtually anywhere is the park. Green grass is everywhere. In the valley at the foot of the hill, mountain, the cold morning fog covered, look remote visitors to easily envision the London fog. And the features of plants in Da Lat coniferous trees they are: pine, pine-tree and cypress. Visitors can see everywhere pine around in the green leaf, a conifer with sharp lines, attraction, reminiscent of a tropical landscape in any Europe country.

Prenn falls- Da Lat - City of spring

From the Ho Chi Minh City, by car along Highway 20 is about 300 km to Da Lat. The road takes visitors up gradually and the touch Da Lat at Prenn falls in the front of visitors is immense pine forest has two leaves, three leaves. Going into the city of Da Lat, visitors will discover a “museum” of the waterfalls, beautiful lakes, hills and valleys of flowers and grass. If traveling by road 27 from Phan Rang upside down Dinh river, after going through the historical area of the ancient Champa water and dry fields throughout the year, we stand on Ngoan Muc pass with spectacular natural picture ahead.

Da Lat is famous for lakes, the waterfalls and pine forests. The beautiful lake in Da Lat as Xuan Huong lake, Than Tho lake, Da Thien lake, Van Kiep lake, Me Linh lake … The lake is located right in the city, romantic names and romantic lake, a lake association with a an ancient legend.

Xuan Huong Lake -Da Lat - City of spring
Romantic Xuan Huong Lake

That the largest and most beautiful lake situated in the heart of Da Lat, is the heart of the city, Ho Xuan Huong – a gentle beautiful jade green. Lake shaped pieces crescent, is romantic, tourist attraction, is also home of the couple. Lake surface smooth as glass crystal, reflecting the pine trees sing every day and night.

The city of flowers

Nowhere in our Vietnam country have more flowers in Da Lat – from flowers to tropical flowers of East, West.

Da Lat - City of spring

In Da Lat, the flower can be found at any time, any where. Planting flowers in the garden, in pots, flowers on perennials, wild flowers grow of the road, climbed on the fence …

In the flower garden in the city or in the gardens of private houses, visitors can see the pink of peach, rose, climbing rose, the violet of Japan daisy, Ngoc Han, yellow of chrysanthemum, red hibiscus, white Su flowers, lilies, camellia and butterflies and flowers, lanterns, orchid … colorful.

At night, visitors can enjoy the fragrant and tender coming out of hyacinth, jasmine, roses … make more and more mountainous highlands and poetic charm.

Da Lat - City of spring
Mimosa flower

Da Lat to the end of the year, visitors will enjoy the cherry trees covered with a bright pink petal, providing excellent flavor characteristics of spring.

Da Lat - City of spring

Every spring, flowers blooming mimosa again yellow rustic. Mimosa bloom in clusters, there are hundreds of fields of tiny like thread, round as dandelion. There are times, mimosa full of blooming branches, look to see just a yellow, almost did not see the leaves. Da Lat is the only place in this country is solely mimosa andmimosa “married” the only Da Lat …

Visitors to Da Lat are attracted not only hundreds of thousands of unique flower … but also enjoy the products of Da Lat includes many types of fruit: pink, plum, peach, avocado, strawberries … and many traditional dishes and unique souvenirs to specific areas of Da Lat.

The deep of Da Lat people

Da Lat is an area of green space. Hill, meadow, sky, water color … an all green. Blue gives human life, faith love and hope. Blue makes people feel peaceful, calm.

Living in natural surroundings that, the Da Lat people are gentle, honest, integration into the living environment. From the house with green garden vegetables to the winding roads following hidden hills, beautiful villas lie hidden below the ranges through, the natural beauty of Xuan Huong lake in the heart of the city. .. all of which expresses the harmony between man and the beautiful natural landscape.

If Da Lat natural “for this fun, the other the cool” then he has contributed to the natural beauty of the mild form of human.

Visitors to Da Lat unstinting praise on the skin of people here, especially young women. Feast your eyes pink and white skin, red lips of the natural berry girl Da Lat. On the green background of trees leaves the plateau, the cheek, lips like ripe red berry fruit, sweet and pure flavor of natural colors. In particular, young women Da Lat giggles a lot.

In addition to beautiful skin, the Da Lat also featured on style. In Da Lat, all movements of people are deliberate, slowly. Deliberate stance from going to work style, conversation. Foreigners have commented that, Da Lat market is only open markets where people do not hear the noise of the markets. Da Lat In humans, it is always good to see something discreet, deep, gentle.

Da Lat bold in their beautiful cultural Tay Nguyen as the legendary. In the village festival, family fun days, visitors will see them dancing, singing, playing music with instruments that unique sound it sounds like wind howling, the sound of flowing over rock falls.

Da Lat city over 100 years old (discovered 1893) – an ancient resort city in Vietnam, becoming one of the most attractive tourist destination for most foreign and domestic tourists.

Strawberries - the specialty of Da Lat
Strawberries – the specialty of Da Lat
Di Linh plateau
Di Linh plateau
Truc Lam zen monastery
Truc Lam zen monastery