Dam village- Where save traditional soul of Thang Long-Hanoi ancient


Located at the center of Hanoi capital less than 20 km, is an ancient village has undergone thousands of years but people here are still many cultural identities of people bearing the ancient Thang Long. That Dam village, Tay Tuu commune, Tu Liem district, Hanoi.

Dam village- Where save traditional soul of Thang Long-Hanoi ancient

Different pace so busy, bustling town of Cau Dien, Nhon … Dam village about 2km away from, not lived here very slowly as quiet time to hook the return of thousands of years ago. Right next to the Tay Tuu people’scommittee is “a combination of cultural village” includes banian trees, water wells, ground temple and tile home runs halt stock market is preserved for hundreds of years under the cool green tree .

Dam village- Where save traditional soul of Thang Long-Hanoi ancient
Hundreds of years the ancient character of the Dam village

 Tay Tuu with ancient name is Dam. Dam communal house (also known as Trung communal house) by Ms. Nguyen Thi Tinh – a woman of Dam village was the wife of King Le The Tong (1573-1599) engaged good engage in the capital city of Thang Long to construct.

Like the other communal house, Dam communal house is suspected after curtain, Ta Vu, Huu Vu, Dai Dinh, harem. In addition, communal house is the marketplace, the fair took place on days 4, 9, 14, 19, 24, 29 lunar months. This special family has Chinh Ngu high 6.8 m, width of each surface 6.9 m is located in the center, just before the middle room of the Dai Dinh.

This is the executive head of the cultural activities of the village. From here the public policy decisions of the council under the former regime and of village elder today are concretize to command the villagers people.

Chinh Ngu only a square space with the 4 roof. The four main pillars of this house are connected together by four Xa Go trees and four Keo trees make the first roof. Lower down are 4 other Xa Go tree out to put on 12 brick pillar creating the second roof.

Dam village- Where save traditional soul of Thang Long-Hanoi ancient

The space between two roofs are decorated with wooden money box. Pyramidal roof top of the phoenix-shaped four bunched together form a lotus. Remaining octagonal roof and dragon and unicorn. Outer pair of columns 8 pair and 16 parallel sentences for the word “Tho” (meaning:to live to a great age). Four aspects of the royal house has three step staircase and four pair lions flanking two the entrance .

Communal house of Dam village worship Dao Truong, also known as Phuc Than Bach Hac Tan Giang, who has managed to evict invaders Hung Due Vuong. When is the enemy to invade the Van Lang country, King Hung recall Dao Truong meeting the plan fight enemy. He said that: ” Welcome waterway that fighting.” The king listened and delivered to Dao Truong command naval forces, had just fought a battle crushed invaders. After victory, he was assigned the to keep Bach Hac (meaning White Crane) citadel.

Dao Truong commander Van Lang defeated a second invasion of the enemy and fought off the northern rebellion in Hong Chau. On the way Hong Chau return, he was assigned command of the army for young brother is Thach Khanh then go to the small river to Ton That and incarnation here. In North of Vietnam have172 villages established the Temple worship Dao Truong. Every year, Dam village open swimming competition from 9 to 11 March of the lunar calendar to commemorate the heroes of the population with country. The Dam swimming again express train and attacked by Dao Truong of general.

Every five years, from 9 to 11 March lunar calendar, people of Tay Tuu village, Tu Liem suburb of Hanoi are witnessing a unique festival of ancient Thang Long thousand generations been handed down from now. That boat racing festival that people often known Dam boat racing. Local people still keep song: Dam boat racing, Gia procession, festival of Thay pagoda to tell me about the level of attraction of the festival Dam boat racing.

Dam village- Where save traditional soul of Thang Long-Hanoi ancient

Currently, in the village of Tay Tuu preserved many historical relics and cultural traditions as Dam communal house, Dai Dinh, Chinh Ngu, Vu Ca house, Nghi Mon, Thuy Dinh, Boat House, temple of Thuong village…

In particular, the emphasis of this legacy is the village of Tay Tuu festival is held every 5 years from 9 to 11 March lunar.

One of my foreign friends to visit the village once exclaimed Dam: really can not believe the capital of Hanoi with the works being built in a hurry there is a quiet space like that. Under the soaring curved roof house carved dragon phoenix, last hours of his clatter to 75 years old barber quietly listening to dispel the air of silence. Your customers are familiar in the villages. Spare time, he was known for manic guitar walk the romantic couple romantic dance. The grawing sound of guitar follow smoke clung to the ancient gate where old woman wrapped the kerchief picked vegetables before sunset.

Dam village- Where save traditional soul of Thang Long-Hanoi ancient

Dam gated village is far larger eye view of the vast vegetable fields, flower fields of class size and the most famous of Ha Noi now. The Dam village girl loving at first glance hand harvested flowers every afternoon.

Dam village- Where save traditional soul of Thang Long-Hanoi ancient

A day passed quietly, welcome back yard cult pupils plastic soccer barefoot, beside a middle level exercise with a bit familiar baseball.