Discover Tam Dao – Nice place in the North of Vietnam


Tam Dao mountain range which is a stone in northeastern Vietnam is located in three provinces of Vinh Phuc, Thai Nguyen and Tuyen Quang. Nature trail and time given to this place a great scene: just dreaming, secluded and quict, just spectacular, magical in the clouds, smog.

Discover Tam Dao - Nice place in the North of Vietnam

Tam Dao is the French discovered in the early 20th century. Immediately they were built in this place a resort with 200 villas, hotels, restaurants, sports facilities, swimming pool, dance floor. Today, those buildings that I was so lost but not so diminish the poetic and romantic of the place.

Path up Mount Tam Dao rather roundabout but very nice. Along the winding road that you’ll want to have the opportunity to admire the local flower blooming; watch the butterflies of all kinds, all colors flow into the flowers and leaves … Through the journey of discovery that small, up to the top, visitors will experience a feeling of extremely interesting sight immense of sky, earth, wind, cloud…

Discover Tam Dao - Nice place in the North of Vietnam

Tam Dao mount has 3 the top emerged as three islands: the top of the named Ban Thach height 1.388m; the left is the Thien Nhi top (flea market) height 1.375m with a television tower height 93m, the right is the Phu Nghia top height 1.400m. Above it is the cultural famous history as the of Tay Thien Pagoda and Tay Thien temple (also known as Mau Temple ) worship Quoc Mau Tay Thien Nang Thi Tieu. According to legend, the Quoc Mau Tay Thien is the spiritual atmosphere of the Tam Dao mountains forged …

At the foot of the mountain is a small valley is also one of the largest National Park of North of Vietnam. Tam Dao town located there. Though tiny, but this tourist town with beautiful winding roads up and down with a small winding as stream trail cross country run for four seasons…

The weather here is very strange. Visitors can feel the four seasons in one day by the morning at Tam Dao with spring wind, warm summer in afternoon, fall north east wind in the afternoon suddenly and evening brought the cold of winter of the North.

Not only is the origin of the famous blue with cool weather comparable to Sapa and Dalat, Tam Dao is renowned for specialties foods.

Tam Dao has much game delicacy but do not kill rare animals or loss production of forest . People here have more livestock animals such as cows, goats, pigs, snakes and several species of wild animals to domesticated livestock breeding, providing fresh food for the restaurant, restaurants, and hotels.

Discover Tam Dao - Nice place in the North of Vietnam

Wild boar meat is really delicious because they live in the farm village of San Diu people in the mountains. Pigs let wander in the forest, to eat more for vegetables, bran. Therefore, we have to make food available in the forest to live. So we return to base instincts, slow growing, long snout, the hairy hirsute, gaunt buttocks, slender abdomen, the legs high up, only 15 to 16 kg can be slaughtered.

Next to the chayote garden in Tam Dao. This vegetable is very popular. Vegetables can be boiled, sauce or lemon sauce or fried beef with garlic eating crispy and very tasty. In addition, to the Tam Dao tourists can enjoy the delicious dishes made from fresh bamboo, mushrooms and spring goby … of this land.

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