Dong Ngac communal house and pagoda- A ancient line of Hanoi village


Dong Ngac communal house and pagoda belong Ve village, Tu Liem district, Hanoi suburb. In 1993, Dong Ngac communal house and pagoda to be recognized as national historical relics.

Dong Ngac communal house and pagoda-  A ancient line of Hanoi village

Dong Ngac communal house in the village

Here worship 3 royal citadel church are Doc Cuoc, Le Khoi (call Le Loi as “uncle”), is accredited with having destroy Ming dynasty, defeated Champa enemy and a gold of the soil was recorded in a book.

Forerunner of communal house that the ancient temple from the Duong dynasty up to the domination of our country and has been restored several times over the inscription on the record in 1635, 1653, 1718, 1836, 1941 …

Dong Ngac communal house is built on an area of the front is a large lotus pond to the outside three door temple gate. Through this gate down 11 steps to a brick courtyard, two side have 2 wells grow lotus, followed by the internal three door template gate to a large tiled courtyard, two side of yard have 2 side: left and right. In the house of the left has 6 steles.

Travel all over courtyard to the main architect of the communal house include person in change at a sacrifice and harem is hidden under the green canopy of old trees in four seasons.

Person in change at a sacrifice has two cult houses arranged word “two.” External roof had nasal tile ancient. Between the church has two cranes with 16 aircraft weapons. The house are connected with the external house and presentation palanquin, imperial court, altar.

In a harem set incense, dragon throne and ancestral tablet all the village tutelary spirit. System relic exist in the interior DongNgac communal house rich, diverse and rare.

In addition there are eight stone steles with date Le Trung Hung and Nguyen, a pearl book pedigree, 45 conferment a title (with the dates 1670, 1789, 1924 …), home interiors include a bronze bell cast in 1833 , 2 collection “eight weapons”, a handle brush symbol and a symbol of fire ring.

Dong Ngac communal house saved a pair of cranes high 2 m , one set of “Ngu Su”, three palanquin “Bat Cong”, a ring palanquin, a imperial court, six horizontal lacquered board, 24 parallel sentences, a palanquin procession sugarcane spirit , 2 incense table, three dragon throne, the 48 paintings on plywood (each picture has a poem included), 3 the court for worship and many others.


Dong Ngac communal house and pagoda-  A ancient line of Hanoi village



Dong Ngac pagoda

This pagoda have 59 apartments, the internal architecture follow “Dinh” word, outside architecture from the word “Quoc”

The pagoda was started up from time of King Le Than Tong (1653-1661) clearly merit Mr Nguyen Phuc Luan and Ms Tran Thi Ngoc Luan. Two characters are named after the Buddhist in the pagoda.

Currently, the temple exist 53 beautiful statue, a bell hanging in the bell weighs 750kg dating Gia Long 16 (1817) and two smaller bells were cast in the Nguyen Dynasty.

The temple had 3 door painting in fresco, altar, horizontal lacquered board, parallel sentences are intricate carvings.

Dong Ngac pagoda is the only pagoda in the city of Hanoi was awarded “All national resistance” in the struggle against French colonialism (1946-1954).