Dong Xuan market – a famous market in Hanoi


 When the French occupied Ha Noi in the 1880′s, the To Lich River snaked its way from the Cau Giay area west of the Ha Noi Citadel, past the northern perimeter of the citadel, and out through the Old Quarter into the Hong (Red) River. Two day markets, the Bach Ma (White Horse) and the Call Dong, were located along the riverbanks of the To Lich River.

In 1890, during the same period that the French were filling in the river, they established a large market on the grounds next to Dong Xuan Temple. Deprived of their riverine supply route, the two markets moved to the newer, larger, more-centralized market. Dong Xu an Market also served as a magnet that drew numerous smaller markets and merchants. A flourishing rice market was set up on the street fronting the market, so the French called the street Rue du Riz. After the August 1945 Revolution, the Vietnamese authorities renamed it Dong Xuan Street.
Dong Xuan market - a famous market in Hanoi
Dong Xuan Street derives its name from Dong Xuan Market which, in turn, derived its name from Dong Xuan Temple.


Dong Xuan market was officially built between the years 1889 to fill in the To Lich River of Nhi Ha River (Song Hong) to return to the foot of the wall, creating a broad ground tens of hectares, Dong Xuan Market located in the Huyen Thien pagoda near the river, this location is ideal for building a regional market focus. Of the Dong Xuan market was built by a company bidding on the French – Poinsard Veyret contractors – provides the framework and steel roof is a bid to get other work. Market designed relatively simple: The frame with iron, classes flow, area of 6500 m2. 5 include the entire sequence and is separated by the front arch book, in part by the road between arch (each arch to the 52m, 19m high steel frame, 25m wide). Area east – north Through the North, the west is Dong Xuan market. Indeed the entire market is only one large supermarkets, but because the east – north is the new trading mainly the food, vegetable agricultural area north of the Red River brought through, so called market Bac Qua. North Park The area is only a first land, then we do the temporary cover for rainy and dry.

Dong Xuan market - a famous market in Hanoi

As the convergence factors are convenient for transportation and residential, Dong Xuan become the place “on the bottom of the boat.” Especially since the French construction completed for the Long Bien Dong Xuan market from becoming traders busy not only famous Hanoi that most famous of the North, it quickly attracted the attention of the trade foreign, especially France, Spain, India …. back regularly merchants. Along with the maintenance of street traders and producers of traditional crafts such as Childrens Goods, Paper Goods, Top … Dong Xuan is where the commercial office of the French, Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese. Due to rich resources, for the winter-spring is not only the distribution and trade of goods but also the central guiding economic activities of the city of Hanoi and North dominates the period.

Dong Xuan market - a famous market in Hanoi

At Dong Xuan market meets only fair way, a two-day session, but later the needs of economic development business, for the day from morning to evening. Goods sold in the market is rich, diversified from agricultural products, food, vegetables, fabrics to goods, machinery of France, by China, India, (French Kaki, fire Bombay … ). With the expansion and development of the Dong Xuan market, the trader who, as well as foreigners to work here more. Initially the two markets often old next meeting in Bach Ma temple and the East Bridge, following the move of the booking by Chua Huyen Thien (Cho Huyen Thien), here are also available a small market, after the Dong Xuan market construction is complete all transfer here that the Dong Xuan market today. Trade activities are quite diverse and rich in the goods. It seems each city are presented to products sold separately from agricultural to pour handicrafts. For all in street trading: Hang Dong Street, Every Street Car, Bat Su Street, North Street Drugs account for a long to 2km. Every city is where the consumption of paper products of the wards as measured along the Buoi, Trich Sai … agricultural products such as rice, maize, potatoes, cassava of suburb farmers is concentrated mainly purchase goods in the Khoai street, Vietnam Rice.

After this the Dong Xuan market was built, the most goods to be sold in the market. Yet the city still around on the trading activities of the family shops. Do the water transport, all of the advantages of trading in Thanh – Nghe on the back by the Red River and down through the provinces by the North that bring all types of goods for air as traders in Dong Xuan increasingly more t?p loaded. However, the prosperity of this new winter-spring bloom is not extended by the guns invaded by the French. History of Dong Xuan entering a new period for the gold specify dislodge the French that highlight the events Hanoi “60 day fire smoke” blocking step enemy. Air Thang Long regiment should prepare the capital that subdivisions with 101 Dong Xuan honor standing in the image of “Impressions from the country of birth to” it. Combat Dong Xuan Market on 14 – 02 – 1947, the hero of the first Hanoi has written to the history of Thang Long a new son, next to the glorious Chuong Duong, Dong Da . Over the years of war against the United States save the country, building socialism, Dong Xuan market is always the wholesale sector of the North.


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