Duong Lam old village – a beautiful feature of vietnamese villages


If considered Hanoi old town and old town Hoi An is a museum urban lifestyle, the ancient village of Duong Lam is the museum of the lifestyle of rural, agricultural lifestyle. The first survey research, the scientists Vietnam property Department and cultural Japan, Showa University – Tokyo defined here as places carrying value characteristics of a Vietnamese village need to conserve.

Duong Lam village

Duong Lam including 9 villages, 5 villages in the Mong Phu, Dong Sang, Cam Thinh, Doai Giap and Cam Lam and close together. The village this link together into a unified the customs, habits, beliefs, and thousands of years does not change.

Duong Lam village
Banian ancient tree create Duong Lam ancient features.

Today, Duong Lam village still keeps the road most of the features of a Vietnamese village with village gate, banian tree, water wharves, courtyard house, pagoda, temple, sentry box, water rice field, water well, field water, wood hills . Road system by Duong Lam is very special because they have pictures of fish bone. With this structure, if the self will never turn back on Taoist temple.

Duong Lam village
Image of vietnamese villages in Red river delta

One particular road do is keep a port village of Mong Phu village. This is not a port of the village as other villages in the Northern with arch doom rolling that is a house of the two roof is right on the road to the village. Also at the Mong Phu village has Mong Phu communal house in the village – was built in 1684 (date Vinh To of the king Le Hy Tong) – one house is featured for the traditional Vietnamese home. Yard of communal house in the village is lower deck space around it when rain, water flows into the ground and then release the two at the image forming two dragon horn. Every year, communal house in the villageorganization festival from the first day of the month to the 10 th January lunar year with games such as worship of pigs, and chickens to worship …

Duong Lam village
Village house with beautiful architecture is still preserved

On the ancient road in Lam has 956 traditional houses in the east to the village, Mong Phu and Cam Thinh turn have 441, 350 and 165 houses. There are many houses built since a long time (years 1649, 1703, 1850 …). villages with ancient laterite stone walls old color land.

Duong Lam village
The houses built of laterite stone create “vietnamese village in laterite stone “