Eat Betel and areca in vietnam culture


Hanoi capital become gastronomic, connoisseur of wear, Hanoi is the filter essence, beauty of every domain to create beauty for itself. Beauty of Hanoi reflected even in the used betel and areca – a custom that according to legend from Hung Vuong founding the country (the area Trau Cau Vietnam that almost everyone knows ).

Eat Betel and areca in vietnam culture

Before, a Hanoi from 13 years of age know eating betel. According to the historian Nguyen of Tran period to life in Thang Long, 61 city wards are growing betel and areca , Hanoi people have asked before:

“Buy for lime in Quan market, Cau market
Buy areca in Nam Pho, buying betel in Dinh market”

For Cau market and Quan market , for the retail market, secondary market along the way.Nam Pho Street is the name of the old Hang Be street now where many ancient sold fresh areca, dried areca. Dinh market near Phu Dinh Phung Thien (spectrum and Phu Doan and Ngo Huyen now ). Today, people eat less Hanoi eat betel than before should not duplicate the betel which focus in large part to a small number are peddle. Hanoi people are elaborately selected in betel and areca.

Delicious areca is rice cake areca not old, not new, just to seeds (half color, half-seeds). Gourmet often buy ken Dong areca in Hai Hung (old). 8 months from more South areca but few people eat because this type of county is not much appetite. Buy betel to select that is quite yellow, small, thick, fresh. Ancient, betel in Cha village famous for succulent leaves small, medium, spicy perfume has to be pan so on Father’s village in betel is very elaborately, herd must not be grown on land planted ginger. Today Hanoi people ea t Hung Yen’s betel, on festival occasions people buy Tay Son’s betel because to beauty leaf. Gourmet choose lime of Xu Doai – Son Tay.

Eat Betel and areca in vietnam culture
Prepare betel quid phoenix wings – Art of Hanoi

Prepare betel quid

Ministry of food betel of Hanoi include: betel considered contain copper or painted betel examination of nacre, lime tube touches of silver, copper cuspidor Holder brass machine scanned. The old man eating betel have more mortar improve bronze sculpt quite sophisticated pieces only just put betel, pieces areca , and cover. Use sharp knife split areca to the right for the beautiful and seeds are not broken. Is only a “small betel, blue arece left” but how to improve food Hanoi’s very gracious, they eat the betel make red lips and black teeths , that the black lines to create each bite only beautiful, it is not for both areca, betel and roots to the same food each time that a second. Areca be chewing for a betel and roots after scanning is a little more lime, the food we usually get their hands scanned across the mouth, gradually forming long lines each bite only. Antediluvian betel are eating to protect your teeth, the nature of betel and areca made that the police get the hug root, as teeth tightly hard not waver.

In traditional medicine ancient Vietnamese used machine like a drug against malaria when a forest deep in the forest or hunting down sea pearl, ready to renovate … Hanoi people in particular and Vietnam in general considered the past there is preparing betel quid of art. Through gestures prepare betel quid, eat betel judgments style, the net as well as lifestyle of people. Probably the reason that, when you see the face of the future daughter-in-law, the boys claim the girls by the preparing betel quid , is to see her face mark, after the election to see only improve by preparing betel quid judgments that net charge. Pieces betel heavy handed improve the deftness; small pieces betel and big areca is not to calculate the work; improve scanning many pieces lime is not wasting forehead …

Eat Betel and areca in vietnam culture
Prepare betel quid phoenix wings

Today, in Hanoi almost only people over 60 years old pay for new food Hanoi should not invite the betel as Rovodes – a French people talking about eating betel’s Thang Long XII century: “They have to bring a few bags full of children wearing betel and areca tie in back, to open them while crossing town to invite friends. When they start having ask each other, then get everyone in your pocket pieces betel and areca to eat. ” However, the concept “pieces betel are stories” of Hanoi in particular and Vietnam in general still be applied in the festival hospitality. On the fifteen of the lunar, the first of the month or public holidays or during the Tet festival, wedding in the families of Vietnam still missing pieces can not improve on the ball of the altar.

Eat Betel and areca in vietnam culture
Ancient tool for eating betel and areca

Betel and areca is a travesty, but simple but has many meanings in the fields of medicine, social psychology … use betel and areca is a traditional culture of ethnic groups. Today, some who do not eat betel , but beauty is still kept and applied in people’s lives.

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