Five fruits tray on Tet – Beautiful culture of Vietnamese custom


Tet, almost everyone has the five fruits tray placed on a ancestral altar. That fruit tray, at least enough to try the five basic elements theory. If more, not limited and arrange the tower.

Five fruits tray on Tet - Beautiful culture of Vietnamese custom

All Vietnamese families have altars. That is where the most sacred and solemn tribute to ancestors, grandparents should generally be located in time or place the highest of the house. The heart of the altar is a bowl of incense or also known as censer. On Tet holiday, the altar was cleaned, edit, compose carefully. All worship object from censer, candles foot, water stations, flowerpot are polished, neatly put, right place. If wealthier families have horizontal lacquered.

We all know that plant banana trees familiar to every rural family (perhaps second only to bamboo). Banana tree is easy, grows on every land type. From village to plug land the open farm , the first is to p a few banana root, it withered yellow leaves at first but after few days, will rise to lush warm heart. And few months later, a bunch banana, necesstious family could bring market to get more money for shopping gift. With sufficient family supplement for young children not need to buy . So the first fruit and basic is bananas intact green , is set as the stand for all other fruits.

The second fruit should have the grapefruit is no less familiar than anything little banana trees. If banana intact iridescent green, the color of the village familiar to many hopes. Grapefruit flowers are fragrant spring. Grapefruit fruit ripening in August, is listed as hanging as the moon. On New Year, it is the fruit tray that is aspiration about full flowers and fruits of garden .

Five fruits tray on Tet - Beautiful culture of Vietnamese custom

Besides the two basic things that have fruit orange, representing the earth mother’s delicious sweet feed children from lifetime. Small blueberry, put to each slot of banana, add color embellishment. Add some hot pepper, it is the grace period for this tiny picture, and fire on the flickering sky deep blue inserts dark yellow and light yellow. Also apple, Khe fruit with 5 section make the tray full spring.

Some year nearly, Hanoi have Buddha’s hand fruit. How to call for it to hand the Buddha, because it does not plump like orange fruit, grapefruit, but it split into multiple fingers as support from the spring sky are coming to offering human happiness is life, enjoy the spring.

Buddha’s hand fruit not fruit to eat that material for spirit. It put on five fruits tray worship grandparents. Five fruits tray with Buddha’s hand fruit, the value is increased many times, many times more valuable. Section is tiny and sour, but the peel is filled with aromatic oils. After the New Year,It will be use soaked that wine delicious, precious.

Call 5 fruits tray because number 5 is the sacred with 5 basic elements, the law of the land creating heaven that we inherited the legacy of ancestors, ethnicity did not know from many life.

5 fruits tray are color, cubes, fragrance, production round of year farmers make, offer up the ancestor thanks for giving birth and creating.

Home products materials gardens are different from Northern and South. Southern compatriots often described as little fruit desire for faith, hope happiness for people.

Often there are mango fruit, coconut fruit, which the South is the land of coconut trees, papaya … which means New Year’s wish to always well to do. Additional fig fruit with wish the full life. The tray have different about fruits but same meaning grateful ancestry, ethnicity, and mother earth gave birth to, nurture.

On Tet there are many customs, games, but with Vietnamese people, the first family reunion, relationship that suit is before the ancestral altar. So the altar is always the most sacred places. Censer and 5 fruit tray variability over time has been how to maintain and growing more than ever, demonstrated that our nation always preserving what’s precious from thousands of ancient life .

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