Flowers with culture of Hanoi people


Hanoi is a city of thousand years of civilization. The daily changes of the Capital do we have to recall a time of old Hanoi. Ha Noi culture seems to have gone into the history books. And Hanoi attractions and abroad by special cultural features. One of the unique culture and are maintained as a living net, a lifestyle that is the flowers seller in Hanoi (hawker ).

Flowers with culture of Hanoi people


Each morning paper form, we encounter the streets of Hanoi immense flowers, brilliant colors and fragrance of flowers. Do not know where the flowers from the city center map of Hanoi, but there were so many flowers are transported from Tay Tuu flower village, Ngoc Ha flowers village or from the Yen Phu flower market … Though in the flowers village of or flower market in any way but the flowers seller, fresh flowers, still shy in the early morning dew.

Flowers with culture of Hanoi people
The flowers blooming on the street

Flower has become a need, a spiritual food indispensable to the people of Hanoi. And there is also a habit of enjoying flowers Hanoi people. Whether at the office or dining room, bedroom and living room in particular poses a blooming flower vases and incense shines.

The people carrying flowers into the city by all means, what is the burden of flowers, which are the carriages filled with flowers and even flower more passenger cars. From the ancient culture of Hanoi which is often these days even on holidays they are buying flowers for the plug.

Flowers with culture of Hanoi people
flowers in a corner

Each season have individual flowers. Chrysanthemums, roses, gerbera, Ti muoi flower, lily, pink lotus, white lotus, the sunflower… rotate blooming every seasons. Roses year round with many colors, many categories. Buy flowers in the hawker always found people selected for fresh flowers, cheap, florist honest, meticulous, always warm, gentle as the flowers. The summer afternoon or at sunset, seeing the flower vendors, although only one left a few flowers, even though it is sunny or raining how, also found heart softened and ready to buy either a final flower.

Flowers with culture of Hanoi people

Hanoi was so familiar with the scene showing the flowers in full color cycling, following in the footsteps of the girl washed the streets around the corner. So simple but it made a very subtle beauty of Hanoi. Between Hanoi noise like a burden but the flower was enough to drag our people’s heart to memories area full of memories

Same goes for any month, any year, too, every day on the float, carrying flowers en route to Hanoi was absorbed with a life. Every life flowers is a life of the florist beautify life with flavor and color. As well as how long now, the price of the flowers is so, the flower hawker so also will forever on the streets of Hanoi as long now …

Although life is still noisy, and on a busy Hanoi changes but still fragrant flower on every street.

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