Foreigner sing Vietnamese song


Lee had been British Ambassador in Vietnam. He begin to fame when he sang video ” Diem of the past” by Trinh Cong Son through friend was posted to YouTube. “Many people abroad listen to my songs and feel sure your friends and their lives in Vietnam. Many said they felt the emotions I expressed in that song. This has inspired I sing more, “Lee said.

“Diem of the past” is a Vietnam song that Lee liked the most. He thrilled to hear Khanh Ly singer sing the song, “then, even I did not know the lyrics mean as well as it has a great message.” Thanks to “Diem of the past” that Lee was invited to a concert in Germany. This year, he joined a small show in Poland and programs celebrating 1000 years of Thang Long-Hanoi in London.

Lee also found challenging singer sing Trinh music. “Trinh Cong Son’s somewhere writing make 600 posts. He was like a saint so. If you do not good sing, you will see a lot of pressure,” Lee proved to be knowledgeable. He also admitted that as a foreigner, he is also treat tactfully singing Trinh Cong Son’s songs.

Lee found that the songs have in particular Vietnamese, unlike the English songs. “Most of all I like, words of it are very complex and unique images, full of culture of Vietnam. As in England, people do not write songs about London, I do not know all about London both. But you have thousands of posts on Hanoi. That is what difference, “Lee said.

English lyric- Diem of the past ( Translate by Cao Thi Nhu-Quynh and John C. Schafer)

The rain still falls on the old temple

Your long arms, your pale eyes

Autumn leaves fall, the sound of soft steps

I look in the distance, straining to see


The rain still falls on small leaves

In the afternoon rain I sit waiting

In your footsteps leaves quietly fall

Coldness suddenly pervades my soul


This afternoon rain still falls why don’t you come

Memories in the midst of pain

How can we be with each other

Marks of pain appear

I beg you to return soon


The rain still falls, life’s like a sea storm

How do you remember traces of migrating birds

Please let the rain pass over this region

Let the wanderer forget he’s wandering


The rain still falls, life’s like a sea storm

How do you know a gravestone feels no pain

Please let the rain pass over this region

In the future even stones will need each other.