Four Temple keep Thang Long citadel


For the Thang Long – Hanoi in thousands of civilization and bold culture lines today, Hanoi people never forget the legend of the gods keep four direction of the Thang Long.


Thang Long citadel
Thang Long citadel ancient

According to books and study history for that: In the Vietnamese belief, when it, because the have found trust to become sustainable in a random, find the direction you are blessing spirit protection, security, represented the spirit to keep four direction: East – West – South – North familiar folk called ” Thang Long four keeping “, which is the church in Long Do worship in Bach Ma temple, the Cao Son worship in the Kim Lien, Linh Lang gods to worship in Voi Phuc and worship Tran Vu in Quan Thanh temple.

Bach Ma Temple
Bach Ma Temple

Speaking on ” Thang Long four keeping “ first to be told the Long Do keep the East – the sunrise. He is the holy spirit , they are people in the ancient Thang Long is worship, and glass. When Ly Thai To moved from Hoa Lu to Thang Long – the king in 1010 for construction of Thang Long. The retread then was poured, the doctor used a lot of effort but still not. Ly king line of the election to court to Do Long. Long Do spirit , Quang Loi Bach Ma Dai Vuong king, or the Do Long Mountain spirit (Nùng mountain ). Legend mountains have deep gully down to the land receiving holy gas mountain river. Long Do is the spiritual climate of the holy mountain river level best to throw water Nam. Because sincerity should have appeared a strange phenomenon is in a temple in “Sir” white horse. Horses do not charge that the country’s cavalier store into a circle. Footmark dark horse in the land to build Thieng place. The king ordered, the older doctor footmark white horses that get into embankment. From which is to heighten, very firmly. City building is completed, the king down to the people they worship the Thang Long as competent – National capital of the state’s wild king. The king donated the room as “Quang Loi Bach Ma Toi Linh Thuong Dang Than”. From here, the white horse is an holy icon and was built in Hang Buom street.

From Bach Ma Temple of direction West, the first Co Ngu Road (now Thanh Nien Street ) is a large temple located at the Truc Bach lake, it is Quan Thanh temple worship Huyen Thien Tran Vu – keep the North of imperial city. Surrounding communes of the North have the legend that he is the capital of a king in the North, raised to put prince , practice the spirit allowed in the Vu Duong mountains. Then he helped to Viet’s country awareness day against foreign invasion, be up to the day very respected. History books record: a team consists of 18 day life. Start by Kinh Duong Vuong to the 6 th Hung King . Hung Huy Vuong vision have breakfast invaded our country. Tran Vu spirit first pregnancy to a mother in the village of Phu Dong – Vo Ninh. She born a boy who stand up, reaching their highest large porcelain often heard when the king offers the people of the country that he left Phu Dong – Thanh Giong – a death in any one of Dai Viet country.Temple as old material is built into the early years of the Ly Thai To moved from Hoa Lu to Thang Long. KingMinh Mang change the name of temple is Tran Vu Quan in 1823. Come to Thieu Tri king in 1842 the name change is Quan Thanh temple as we now call friend. Quan Thanh Temple stands in a beautiful location next to the two lakes on the Co Ngu is Truc Bach lake and West Lake. In the temple there is a wall of large Tran Vu reputation of 4 tons heavy. Colossus to this great art of hand workers hapless of Ngu Xa village casting close.

Quan Thanh Temple
Quan Thanh Temple
Keeping the West is Linh Lang spirit was adored in Voi Phuc temple. Spirit of record that the capital is a reincarnation do her seven charges of Ly Thai Tong king , the father-king love you named Linh Lang. Similarly the village hero Just when the country’s foreign invasion has vision, prince reaching their small become a doctor elephant conflict battlefield, killed residue invasion. After winning in natural forest diseases prince, king father to visit, he said his is not the ceiling and then converted into the Serpent like monster crawl down the Dam Dam lake and disappeared. King founded the temple, the room “Upper-class spirit.”
Voi Phuc Temple
Ling Lang Temple
Linh Lang temple was built in 1065 period of the King Ly Thanh Tong. The temple is located in the village of Le of West in Thang Long ancient. Besides the port cover with two elephant .In the temple also kept deep-set rock, legend is the mark prince is a shampoo and then into the Serpent like monster and disappeared. The temple is located at the Thu Le lake, hide under trees all the year. Keeping the South Thang Long is the Cao Son. Worship his home – also called a temple in Kim Lien village. Kim Lien temple built high on the mound, facing southward, in a large ancient lake called lake Dong Lam. Kim Lien – gold lotus village – which is a beautiful village, with professional dyeing fabrics, with customs and rich offerings. Kim Lien ancient name as Dong Lam village as

” Dong Lam have brown fabric

There are a large fish, have long river. “

Dong Lam pristine area is a beautiful name Kim Hoa. This is one of 23 wards of the village’s total Ta Nghiem, Tho Xuong district old. To about the first king of Thieu Tri – Nguyen Phuc Mien Tong is Nguyen Hien Tong Group News (1841-1847) for Marriage must cancel the name of the mother of us is a king’s Thi Hoa should change as Kim Lien, is the total after Kim Lien.

Kim Lien Temple
Kim Lien Temple

Thus, ” Thang Long four keeping ” are building up, worship with the Ly Cong Uan – the building of Thang Long capital city like children of Dai Viet country. It is because that the Clear – Sighted king with Ly dynasty of honor to land his father’s spiritual unshaken forever.


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