Gao Giong eco-tourism – wild beauty of Dong Thap Muoi


The center of Cao Lanh city 17 km road and 30 minutes by motor boat, you will Gao Giong eco-resort belong 6 hamlet, Gao Giong commune, Cao Lanh district, Dong Thap province. Gao Giong have 1,700 ha of mangrove forest. Including 250 hectares of pristine mangrove forest, 36 hectares of mangrove as shelter, breeding of 15 species of birds and hundreds of species of freshwater animals and plants live.

This tourist area is divided into 4 zones with 70 km of mangrove forest subdivision, 20 km dike closed ecology mangrove forest. This place is ideal for birds living in the flooding season, such as teal, coucals… Dry season, there are other species: the mold heron , fire herons, night herons, tusks storks fire storks …

And here is a special field of lotus bloom seasons landscape for visitors to the romantic canoe fishing, picking lotus flooding season.

Guests can swim in the dinghy washed mangrove forest to hear the birds “concert” echoes the woods every morning and fed the birds every afternoon on.

Beyond the forest is the same blue floral display bowl of lotus leaf and pink lotus petals. Visitors can canoe just fit hand-picked a few young lotus leaves to clean, to bring his basket with grilled snakehead fish with tamarind fish sauce, served with dragon with blood rice and sort of sour soup bowl with cork yellow cook anabas.

Gao Giong flooding season is best. Overflow water from the Mekong River on the flooded field, variable Gao Giong into a green oasis among the vast sky.

Gao Giong eco-tourism - wild beauty of Dong Thap Muoi
Morning, the fields on a bright yellow cork , the purple guns flowers mixed pink of Dong Thap Muoi lotus.

Gao Giong eco-tourism - wild beauty of Dong Thap Muoi
Dragon blood rice

Gao Giong eco-tourism - wild beauty of Dong Thap Muoi
grilled fish

Enjoy cuisine Southern characterized, sip wine specialties from fermented sticky rice mixed with indigo honey, leaning on his hammock swinging, catch the cool breeze, you will feel all the peace, quiet but equally unique Gao Giong eco-tourism zone

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