Gia Ngu street – a typical street of Hanoi Old Quarter


Gia Ngu street long 268m, from Hang Be to Hang Dao street, Hang Bac Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. This land of Gia Ngu rural , Tong Huu Tuc, old Tho Xuong district.

Gia Ngu street - a typical street of  Hanoi Old Quarter

Formerly this area has a large lake, called Thai Cuc lake. So many fish in this lake has formed a fish market and people living mainly on fishing. According to the old address books, Gia Long dynasty (1801-1819), this is the Hang Ca rural to the Minh Mang dynasty (1820-1840), King renamed the Gia Ngu village. By the late 19th century, the Thai Cuc lake will be filled.

 French colonial period, Gia Ngu today is divided into two street : Tirant street and Hang Be borders, People often called Gia Ngu alley and Nguyen Du street. In temporarily occupied period, the two streets are in again and was named Gia Ngu street. In 1945, Vietnam state was officially named Gia Ngu street

Like many other streets in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, Gia Ngu has Dai Loi temple that a house at number 50. Over the years, Dai Loi has become a spiritual world of the people in the Old Quarter.

Gia Ngu is pretty nice street, bringing many features of ancient streets with ancient houses, the spacious floor. In 2003, Gia Ngu winners in the competition “36 streets of Hanoi” with ideas for a nice street corner by ASHUI network, the Management Board of Hanoi’s Old Quarter and Architectural Review of the organization. Coming up, Gia Ngu become walking streets, selling souvenirs for tourists.

Gia Ngu has more than 700 households living mainly on business to trade with the fashionable shops along the street. Recent decades, the famous street in Hanoi with shops selling fashions new “mother and baby,” attracting many domestic and international customers to visit and shop.

In the middle of Gia Ngu street is Hang Be market, has existed for nearly 100 years. As a people in this city, from around 1972-1973, Hang Be markets encroached upon now on the market were fit Gia Ngu streets. There are about 90 households in Gia Ngu street living by trading in this market.

To Hang Be market, we can buy any kind of production the Northern Vietnam, such as rice, corn, fruit, shrimp and fish. It also has many fresh food and processed food on the type of Hanoi’s finest .

Thang Long – Hanoi round about 1000 years old. This is also the occasion for the city to welcome many more visitors and Gia Ngu street- a beautiful corner of the capital, would be an attractive destination in the domestic and foreign tourists.