Gio cake – country taste in a vietnamese cakes


Gio cake is a delicious dish in northern of Vietnam, but for different areas is how the method make cake also differ. Cake flavor taste, torrid but when you eat a cool freshness.

We must first burn the leaves of bamboo, oval leaves from ash, get the clear water of ash, rice soaked overnight then use a package that rice cake (of course also a number of components and other conditions. This is secret create good smell for brand of area).The Gio cake packed banana leaf. After boiled, cake has with yellow amber, transparent, no odor, drowsiness still see the grain of rice that has turned the comedy.That’s glutinous rice but it is still not clear as trung cake, nor a ripe block flour such as Phu The cake, Nep cake, Gio cake.


Gio cake - country taste in  vietnamese cakes

The Gio cake isn’t big, not full, each pair of fasten together by the small bamboo string also rough iridescent yellow, leaves were ripen thoroughly. Peeled like some double cake set on a white porcelain plate. Irrigated honey gently on the cake plate by excellent sweet molasses make the cake is not smell is suddenly more than the other flavors, suddenly the air was blowing a birth tongue jubilantly to be passionate.
Who carefully calculated not to eat the molasses cake sprinkled on some sugar spoon, for a long time, the second diameter melts like honey solution transparent to the saturated cake.

Gio pie is cool , pangolin, faded bitter aftertaste concentration levels through the ash kitchen, the smell of lime with the sweet of molasses, not a little fat of meat, eat in free time enjoy pastoral taste … feel the popular elegant cake but more delicious.

Gio cake - country taste in  vietnamese cakes

Gio cake with molasses
Since there is no ideal place suddenly taste what we see, we feel contain flavors chan a distant second rustic cake does not always need to eat right also, as is not second to no cake to eat can be bored, can’t eat like a pig, can not get food to eat . It is sweet but bitter, during which remain concentrated, very little money but still worth. Finished eating some pie still feel to desire.

It is a simple gift of lunch, usually as on every occasion delivered to season it appears correctly at the time, when our stomach are offensive, do not want to eat fat or too sweet , do not want too hot or too cold…Gio cake flavor is a strange, strange year so not to eat it once a respondent remember it , though not so strange lack of good material, high quality fruit cake imported from other countries … but we still send each other appointments each pair of cake for the tongue, the eye joined into a space just familiar just strangers another normal day, from the color, the flavor, the chewing movement to a position it with the new feeling delivered to season

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