Hang Bo street- the traditional bamboo basket street in Hanoi


In connecting Hang Bac to the intersection of Hang Thiec Hang- Thuoc Bac – Bat Dan is Hang Bo street long 270m, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. French colonial period, Hang Bo, called Rue de Paniers, after the revolution called Hang Bo became the official name today.

Hang Bo street- the traditional bamboo basket street in Hanoi

Hang Bo street east is the street connected Dong Thanh with the old dike top of Hang Ngang and Hang Dao street of rural Xuan Yen land. Clips west with Hang Dieu – Thuoc Bac is village’s lands Interior, the Tong Thuan My, Tho Xuong district of old.

Selection of eastern street formerly known as Hang Dep, houses in streets small and narrow, sandals sell hanging on the wall that lists all types of wood furniture, paint wood … also received many contributions and sell all kinds of leather shoes, leather furniture used to serve customers. West street section focuses more big shop.

Unlike the street around which many overseas Chinese people lived from the early as Thuoc Bac street, Hang Bo is inhabited by many wealthy Vietnamese generation family. Later, crowded malls, there are more Chinese people descent Thieu Chau, Phuc Kien province to buy houses, malls and open trade in many goods such as rice, sugar, flour, canned goods grocery, Giang Tay pot and dish …

As the name suggests, Hang Bo before more families living by weaving and selling instruments made of bamboo as many type bamboo basket … Every year on the occasion of New Year to all, crowded street both buyers and sellers, big basket, small basket is full heap on the street, the people of the provinces of Hanoi store selling goods transported around the region.

Also on that occasion, the old scholar from the gathering Hang Bo, spreading ink, scarlet paper, writing letters sold to buyers on wall in Tet. Many on the street walls, complete parallel sentences suspended blazing red, flutter flying .

Hang Bo is Hanoi Painting of Tet. New Year paintings on display here varied enough categories, from folk of Dong Ho paintingsHang Trong woodcut print on Do paper was that twinkle pigment, green pigment to the multi-colored picture printed on glossy paper, large format taken from Hong Kong to Shanghai. Subject always rich in paintings, scenes from daily life such as swirling yang pigs, mouse wedding, Tam Da picture: Phuc-Loc-Tho … to the Tay Du Ki picture, Chinese girls …

Hang Bo street is a house has witnessed many historic events, such as house number 51. Here, on 06 Jan 1947, Zone 1 Regiment, later renamed the Capital Regiment launched.

Capital Regiment was uniform from the military forces of the United Nations Protection Zone as a group, the self-defence, Police volunteers … Besides, it also has the headquarters of the Central Workers’ National Salvation is both Bac Ky office of the Party Committee and concurrently as a commissioned work by Viet Minh.

House No. 51 Hang Bo Street is also a Vietnam printing company directly under the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour in newspapers. Now this place turned into the headquarters of the Golden Heart Fund Report of Labour, is one of the yellow address to receive the contributions of generous hearts empathy, sharing, support for the fate difficulty social.

Over the vicissitudes of history, Hang Bo no longer see what appears to knit bamboo basket and sell bamboo basket like old time. Both streets only some house remains former products, which has since Hang Bo ago, it was votive paper and incense.

Hang Bo incense famous from the past with incense-coil, compression incense, frankincense, white candle, red candles, packing, put out, all sizes and types of floor material layer, layer on layer stores. Hang Boincense is compressed as the tiny toothpick, there are up to 2m like the flat winnowing basket can do burn few New Year’s day.

Hang Bo street- the traditional bamboo basket street in Hanoi

 Incense makers here often hereditary. They have workshops, hiring, directing you not only serve the needs of people in the country but also export to the difficult markets like Japan South Korea …

Hang Bo has changed a lot, found the business on a wider variety of ancient cities. Do not know ever since, Hang Bo Street is considered a familiar address for every computer in the street and those who love fashion.

There is a unique item is sold, it is the garment accessories. A simple extension from small, pretty button hole, fully made materials (wood, pearl, plastic, copper …) to a numerous rivets, press buttons, small pretty flowers, the sparkling beads or the graceful ribbon, silk yarn, red green fasteners, zippers and embroidered with thousands of samples can be found on the street.

Goods on display from the home, flooding the streets. Both the Hang Bo street adjacent first row who always crowded out the sale, completely wrapped choices like the items.

People who like dragging at late night to find Hang Bo, because this is a specialize in bake cuttle-fish at night. Along the streets sometimes come across a few shops with plastic chairs, flickering flame in charcoal brazier, the light bulb was pulled from lane to the streets flash winnowing basket only a few gold fish, some dried cuttle-fish.

Guests eat mostly young men drink some beer together, listen to the quiet atmosphere of the night in Hanoi.