Hang Chai street with traditional lion dancing


Between three way crossroads the Hang Luoc, Hang Ruoi and Hang Cot street (Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi) is a cross street, which is Hang Chai. This is one of the ancient, narrow streets of Hanoi with the smallest length of about 80m, about 200 households live.

Hang Chai street with traditional lion dancing
Time in France, called Ngo Ngang (Ruelle). In 1945, State was renamed Hang Chai street.

Hang Chai is original ancient land Tan Khai village, Tong Tien Tuc, old Tho Xuong district. Where relatives lived mainly buying and selling all kinds of bottles and old tea bag made of tin, and many other waste.

In 30 years of the 20th century, the Hang Chai (behind the no 7 house) is communal house spirit patriarch of Ca Tru singing career. Every year, on lunar 13/11, songstress came here death anniversary, sing Ca Tru.

Over time, business was “tea and bottle” is no more, Chai Hang renew to integrate into the general trend of the times. In the Tet holiday, Hang Chai is one of three ancient cities of Hanoi was selected as the venue for the Spring market capitalization range of flowering peach, apricot flowers blooming and many colorful decorations add beauty to the capital Hanoi round about 1000 years old.

Hang Chai street with lion dancing

Hang Chai street with traditional lion dancing
The people of the old street Hang Chai Every pride of folk games of ancient peoples, such as lion dancing.
 Appear hundreds of years, Lion dancing is to preserve, develop from generation to generations and became a folk games, cultural beauty of Hanoi.

Lion dancing teams of Hang Chai from 20-25 person. However the number of participants and encourage more outnumber. Most of people in Chai Hang love lion dancing, they are willing to put aside the worries of everyday life for the common to join boisterous drums sound and beautiful movements, the majestic of lion. So mentioning Hang Chai, people think of “lion dancing” street.

On big holidays or Mid Autumn festival, lion dance team of Chai Hang frequently invited to perform in all provinces and cities such as Hanoi, Hai Phong, Bac Ninh. According to Le Kim Giao, captain of lion dancing: “When dancing lion, the artist must show with soul like a real lion. Each show will reflect the mood of different lion, aggressive moment, when dancing, when snatch bait… In addition, lion dance requires not only passion, performance techniques that need must have a good fitness and martial arts knowledge. Thus, the movements and postures of the new lions reach a general need harmony hard and soft. “

Ferment pork roll street

Hang Chai is also looking to the young crowd as a familiar spots with sidewalk shops sell baked ferment pork roll, boiled corn and grilled squid.

From the short night, the small alley to have many people, along the street is the group of young people sitting before the baked ferment pork roll disk, hot corns. Nearly 11 hours of the night, the sales person in a hurry to clean up and return of the quiet atmosphere of a small lane of Ha Thanh.