Hang Duong street – The famous jam street in Hanoi


Hang Duong street is long 180 meters , connecting the Dong Xuan street with Hang Ngang street. This resource is part of the village of Vinh Thai (the first street) and Dong Hoa Noi Tu village (the last street) of Tong Hau Tuc, Tho Xuong district of the old …

Hang Duong street - The famous jam street in Hanoi
Hang Duong ancient

To the XIX century, Vinh Thai village converted into Vinh Hanh village and Dong Hoa Noi Tu village merged the two villages Dong Hoa Mon and Hau Dong Hoa into the Duc Mon village.

Traces of the old village is the temple to temple surviving this: Vinh Hanh communal house, Duc Mon communal house and Dong Mon pagoda .

Vinh Hanh communal house is honored to present and 19B of the defendant to three guards. Duc Mon communal house is now no 38, Church Ngo Van Long, Legend was a famous general of the 18th Hung King, but where is main worship in the Ham Long temple in Ham Long street. Dong Mon pagoda is commonly known as the Cau Dong pagoda, now the number of 38B, which still retain many ancient stele recorded position, the process of building the temple … Again, there is one bell is to actively subjects Dong Mon Tu Chung (meaning: bell of Dong Mon temple ) cast Tay Son dynasty – in Canh Thinh 8th year ( 1800 year) There was a poem specify temple is located on the Dong Hoa Mon village. Days before the To Lich river from river mouth where Rice market to Nguyen Sieu Street, Ngo Gach (Brick Lane), cut short Hang Duong street and cross to Hang Luoc then went to Buoi street. To go through in that To Lich river in Hang Duong street is a stone bridge, called Cau Dong. Legend of the Buddha for a place on the base exposed. Statue by a stone statue sitting round, mouth smile should look tum called the Tieu Phat (Smiling Buddha). Besides Cau Dong bridge is Cau Dong market is a well-known one time.

Thus, the Hang Duong street has a long and a special sale of sugar, jams, honey, sweet and cake. Molasses from Kinh Bac (now is Bac Ninh province) transfer. Sugar from Thanh Hoa province, Nghe An province and Quang country transfer. There are enough sugar: sugar candy, refined sugar, brick sugar … the French period more “french sugar”, the French cake and candy but almost all are traditional cake and candy. Special to the Mid-Autumn festival is how cakes: Sticky rice cake, pie, sweet short cakes, bean cakes, animal cakes …

Hang Duong street - The famous jam street in Hanoi
Hang Duong street now with all type jam

The first years of the twentieth century was the famous shops like Ngoc Anh , Ngoc Dung, Tung Hien … Interestingly, in the years 1920-1930, the disordered across the candy in the middle of street appeared a famous bookshop hold publisher Vinh Hung Long, of the no 49 – 51. This place was in the book value until now by scholars Nguyen Van Ngoc, Nguyen Quang Oanh, Tran Le Nhan … as vietnamese legend, proverbs and fork song, etc… In the early days of the national resistance, the street is the center of one.

Hang Duong – this road can be called a jam street in tomorrow. Instead of selling sugar, lots of shops selling all type jam. Jam of Hang Duong has long been a strong brand.