Hang Gai street – Silk street in the middle of Hanoi


Crowded and full of colors, Hang Gai street does not know when it became the “Silk street” of Hanoi with shops selling silk products close together, to create a definition specific to Hanoi streets.

Hang Gai street - Silk street in the middle Hanoi
Silk street in old street

Soon Hanoi will round in 1000 year old, is one of the ancient city of the world. Speaking of history of Thang Long – Hanoi, one can not not mention the 36 old town. Hang Gai street is one of Hanoi ancient streets, built on the ground under the old ward, Dong Ha and Co Vu, Tong Tien Tuc, Tho Xuong district. Is a section of the road from Hoan Kiem lake to the Cua Nam street through Hang Bong street. Past, this street specializing in selling thorny wire, jute wire, hammocks, rope … should be named Hang Gai. Now no silhouette of hemp again, Hang Gai move trading of silk products.No coincidence that Hang Gai is dubbed Silk street, because only 250 meters long but Hang Gai has more than 90 family business or silk goods and services found matching silk. Van Phuc silk was brought from Ha Dong to display throughout the shop in Hang Gai, the economic contribution of any particular definition of the 36 old streets. Hang Gai became a destination not to be missed by foreign visitors to Hanoi. Not simply the sale of purchase, but visitors to the silk shop on Hang Gai time to visit, admire the magic of the natural period with the dexterity of artisans weaving silk farm in harmony in each very thin, iridescent.

Hang Gai street ancient
Hang Gai street ancient
Along this street, visitors will admire enough silk products from extremely rich. From silk, garment designers to the lagoon of soaring, graceful orient robe, the embroidered bag, wallet and numerous types of beautiful silk scarf. A few years back, the shops on Hang Gai business not only map the available pure silk garment that has the item’s own definition. Khai Silk products towards young people should emphasize the factors demonstrate the dynamic and powerful design with European style on traditional silk material. Cu Thanh specialize sewing innovation orient robe. Hoa Silk specialize about silk flowers. Kelly Silk specialist tailor-hot and De Maison always dedicated to the distinguished visitor accessories clothing or souvenirs unique and impressive.

From idea to restore conservation village, city job, business development, Institute of Economic Research and development (University of National Economics) in cooperation with the people’s Committee of Hoan Kiem district building proposal is Hang Gai street business specialized in silk. In the coming time, line street will have a separate icon on the silk business professionals.

Criteria civilized trade for goods business in this street to ensure the general rice level. Each item sold by price of notice. The business unit no encroach sidewalk. Found to have origin. On each product packaging in stores outside of each separate information, there are icons of the whole line in street.

The favorite place of foreign visitors
The favorite place of foreign visitors
Silk line street found to ensure more than 70% business unit specializing in silk, the remaining business goods and services related to silk. Here, not only business but also to promote tourism, recover trade village.Today, the old town is take economic development and receive a huge amount of tourists, so the restoration and conservation work is a career city very meaningful to Hanoi and is active welcome the practical Great festival day: 1000 years of Thang Long – Hanoi in next year.