Hang Trong pictures- A famous popular picture in Vietnam


Fomerly, this line of production and for sale at Hang Trong street.Every day and every fan under total Tieu Tuc (the change is Thuan My), Tho Xuong district (now the Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi) near Hang Non, Hang Hom, Hang Quat street where specialize handicrafts as worship pictures, drum, fan, parasol, flags.

Along with the local population long, also painter and carver of flowers from other places to be a home for rent in home workshops. By traders to compete, often in the name attached as Thanh An, Vinh Loi, Binh Phuc …

Five tiger
Five tigers

Unlike Dong Ho painting, technology of Hang Trong picture combine features from the in wood carving, with the colored product by hand, using pen scanner products in water, always make the bold move of insipid fine. Thus, the color is very oily, meeting requirements where customers go tell.

Hang Trong pictures on paper whether or thin wide paper. The big four screen usually apply on thick paper, two head reared bamboo piece for easy hanging.

Along with the topics reflect routine activities or illustrations of ancient, Hang Trong picture excess of worship can prevent, affect, Taoism and Buddhism with the relatively simple but elaborately shown, not never lacking in the prestige of meaningful protection.

Cho que
Homeland market

The appearance of the home goods look like “chicken out”, “naked subjects” ( “entrance gate”) in capital city, from the same home to the people, have been Hoang Si Khai, as a poet of the Mac dynasty (late 16 century) referred to. Thus, in the Hang Trong picture probably born with Dong Ho painting, the family of Nguyen Dang production transfer to the twenty, or about five hundred years.

In the carving in the home goods are kept, there are some good special value, save in the History museum in Hanoi under the symbol abc I.5484. The upright heartwood are carved both sides, the subject of withdrawal from the Buddha or of Vietnamese legend, China included the old site, that is positive in 1823 calendar. The board is carved ago was fresh two hundred years, so we have a basis that the Hang Trong appear in the earlier lot.

Ly ngu vong nguyet
carp to enjoy moonlight

A line of home time …

In three of the top lines of: Dong Ho (Bac Ninh), Kim Hoang (Ha Tay) and Hang Trong, the Hang Trong picture is the central pictures as the second largest, just after . Called Hang Trong picture by picture “furnace” together in the Hang Trong Street, Hanoi. From here “lighters” to Hang Non, Hang Hom, Hang Quat street. However, time seems to have been busy most remote. Now, where the only surviving unique artisans of the Le Dinh Nghien in Cua Dong Street, Hanoi.

To find the Hang Trong picture to go to: temples, shrines, sanctuary or look in the private individual collections and museum Vietnam, as in many countries. Five tigers picture is considered to be large and almost kept the beautiful purity of Hang Trong’s style now in the village of Kim Lien pagoda.

Search for home designs in the past

The three top lines are popular craft producers, industry people the father said. Small site, the topic is living a life : “Cach coconut”, “To make a scene of jealousy “, “Four woman”, Thach Sanh, Son Tinh Thuy Tinh” … in the Dong Ho painting. Size to prevent the natural world of mysterious, colorful religious site mainly worship: White tigers, Black tigers , Five tigers, Duc Thanh Tran, princess… in top form Hang Trong.

Inexpensive raw materials, water room and how people of each region decide the nature and style of the product where it? One researcher’s comment Every home in the style, concept and methods necessarily prevent watches and Kim Hoang. Dong Ho pictures have three stages: sample drawing, carving and in theaters. Border in sharpness and color are used in the wood carving. Kim Hoang added a fifth stage: in a black border lines again, it’s bold and clear.

Lion dance
Lion Dance

Le Dinh Nghien artists said about Hang Trong picture only print black frame features in images with board and other steps are drawing by hand. First, artisan set turn upward carved boats, used brush ink train are scanned to downgrade. Set up paper downgrade, use loofah removed all the back paper. The exploitation of the picture are not colored. When the ink dry feature, use the pencil drawings turn the color flat panel array on the template file. Features drawings by black borders, it is more capital a country undertone, as small features less known is affected, making the image upward flowing surface picture as pleasant water colour painting.

In Hang Trong picture, only phases in image sharpness is a series. Phases also pooh color as the individual competition, sometimes more creative than the form, depending on the pen and the ability of the capital site. Some artists also draw straight pattern and color. In curved lines, they use color pencil dots to bowl to each array bold one.

Many people not used to the wood carving. According to the professional habits, hold pen drawing directly onto the street lines, then from a color to the picture complete. Even, the home mechanic Hang Trong sometimes boring on the demand of customer wealth. Own line of Hang Trong is giving greater flexibility, more color appeased. Customers buy Hang Trong picture many kind but main of them are market people, wards, temples, home.

Starting a home line

Mr. Nghien, the third of a family tradition which has made home in Binh Vong village, Thuong Tin (Ha Tay now is Hanoi), but up in Hang Trong. Great grandparent Le Xuan Que – paternal grand father of him did job picture ancient. Fathers also connected to training. To Nghien’s life, have seven brothers and sisters, in his career he was under. “The State also look far in the forest. In 1972, Fine Arts Museum Vietnam invited me to a read-only request: picture restoration Hang Trong stored at the museum.” He alone of the few off the top of each line picture? “Painting stock too big swallow much for the cheap but so few people trading site, said something to the collection. Also, as the site where now there is a market where home sales as before. Consignation is difficulty, order to do. “Listening this month treatment, do not have in the end. This industry is valuable but a hundred thousand a silver in the art should also too cheap” – he adds.

four woman- To nu
To nu- Four woman

Before, Xunhasaba find out first in the Eastern Europe, and many of the contract. People do go h?ng start, elaborate training and career opportunity to transmit. Mr Nghien has two sons by him, but “he does not have a career, perhaps because the economy”. Now the fate of the home, the fate of traditional villages, extend the traditional technology is still market economy challenges …

How to go Hang Trong not only positions in museums, not only is research art and artists appreciate, which is common to enjoy, participate to keep children? Can not wait aesthetic of them on the living … Many people say to open classes to maintain professional communication source for Hang Trong at the Art Museum. Blue sky, white paper, black ink still flows balloon. And Le Dinh still fill picture Ly Ngu Vong Nguyet …