Hanoi always in my heart


Americans have lived six years in Hanoi, Eric Thiel proud to say that he knew most beautiful streets, good restaurants, pubs and fun east of Hanoi

Hanoi always in my heart

However, not only that, Eric also has interests in shopping Quang Ba night flowers, also likes to watch the Red River in the autumn afternoon, and also spend time learning about the traditional craft villages in Hanoi .

“Strange dreams “, is the phrase that Eric Thiel used to describe the 6-year period he lived and worked in Hanoi. According to him this is good times and unforgettable in my life. Although many years have returned home, but I still remember the first impression when arriving in Hanoi.

“I feel this is a place I never imagined could come to be. I remember when I stepped out of a taxi at the hotel door, I almost completely lost and are very confused look around, then a young lady with Vietnamese orient robe came and gave me warm smile, she took office procedures for me. It is from that time, I was very relaxed and told myself: everything’s okay, this is my home and then finally I was there six years, “Eric said.

To Hanoi to explore cultural traditions as well as culinary arts here, Eric said that Hanoi’s food was delicious. He was always proud to be a Westerner, but eat all meals at the restaurant found on the streets of Hanoi, which he also likes. I remember very clearly the sour and spicy soup of mussels sold on Ly Thuong Kiet street. In addition, Hanoi has a characteristic smell the flowers milk made him unforgettable. Eric passionately said: “For now, I still remember the feeling when driving along Ly Thuong Kiet street in the middle of a sunny afternoon, no one on the road. I smelled the milk flowers are very fragrant , can not believe it, I felt like walking into a perfume factory. I really like this flower, in the West we do not have attractive flowers there.”

Eric’s hobbies in his spare time in Vietnam is a bike city to the suburbs, go to the trade villages. Here, Eric found other interesting things, he observed people doing traditional handicraft. The more contact with local people, as seen Eric loves the land and people of Hanoi. “I have found many interesting and surprising in the small village, outside Hanoi. There are many historic sites and culture. I’m really interested in the ancient village where they produce goods such as silk, pottery, and many other goods. When you come to this village you really feel the thickness history of the Vietnam country “- Eric said.

Hanoi always in my heart

When asked, while far from Hanoi, then, what foreign visitors are most impressed, he replied without hesitation: It is certainly the friendliness of Hanoi. Eric as he often joked with his friends in America that did not know people in Hanoi have rules that people must be friendly that you go or not and the circumstances under which he met all these people very friendly.

Eric said, one day he invited some friends of the country to drink beer and they talk to each other to find a word appropriate to generalize the character of Hanoi, they offer many options but no final any plan optimization. Eric said: “No one can find a word to describe people in Hanoi, because it is difficult to generalize into a definition. The Ha Noi has many interesting things, they work hard, very fun, more respectful of traditional practices, but very open to welcome new ideas, modern technologies and their grasp new ones very quickly. Confess that I am not easy to describe people of Hanoi for my friends in America.”

Eric bass voice down when talking about the date of separation from Hanoi where he engaged in six years. According to him, when away from Hanoi, it feels like to the end of a movie. “I wanted the film went on forever and the feeling I could never live the day like that again. It’s a sad story. However, I had a lot of experience in Hanoi, I have brought many of Hanoi’s culture to America. I myself have learned to communicate, they must be friendly and maintain relationships with people. This is the great experience that I learned from people of Hanoi. “

Eric wants Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular, please preserve the heritage and intangible objects, the fine tradition of Hanoi to them not been eroded away. Cultural characteristics of the capital of culture will always be the highlights in the mind of any foreign visitors that arrive here. Whether Hanoi 1,000 years old or more, Hanoi is as old and will forever remain so.