Hanoi com – Hanoi autumn taste


In the poem “What strange things in Paris ” Nguyen Sa has bottom sentence:

“If you are asked my heart is com flavouring

 Do you know who makes the lotus leaf… “

I love this poem, free time with the newspaper that option writing by Bang Son by writing “Com with Hanoi“, the message actually appear, after finished reading the poem see “What strange things in Paris ” Nguyen Sa use the word ” com flavouring “with” lotus leaves “real financial situation. Please post to be here for you to enjoy the same taste at the end of com.

Hanoi com - Hanoi autumn taste


Autumn taste

Those who are in Hanoi far, the earnings of a time for you to remember where in the autumn of strangers? I felt autumn wind submerger my soul when willow hang down in Guom lake, when people do not know from where, buy turle dove’s cage , birds appear only on every level of autumn income. ..

In growth season high, to dry land, self-dyeing plants for their color is red, yellow, to the memory business together, find the sound of voters century, the gracious drinking a cup of coffee, the content of the wood to survive .. . He is a good time with that special Com of Vong village, just fall Hanoi and the lamp.

And also ancient traditional village, ancient district of Tu Liem, the cell door for the walk a few hundred, village Dich Vong new things within the com. Few days ago the village, the Lu village also cook, but only a cheap gift for children, and bech hard money, even where Nguyen Sieu poet war born, in four Super confess proceedings of the same Cao Ba Quat :” Than Sieu, Thanh Quat”.

Com is not to eat it. Eat the food in the autumn, to the examinations. Hanoi autumn is transparent as soul as girls, to clean, cool slightly appeased as dust, so the carp Ly must also overcome Ngu Vu The desire of the dragon. In morning dew, the soft sunshine in afternoon, serene nights sweeter … in space legendary immersed say that, soon soon train the first turn from dew O Cau Giay to file, Hang Bong, Coast’s … with her, and she ships the goods com, familiar way, the court enjoy all everywhere ..

Hanoi com - Hanoi autumn taste

 Com steamed

Few people need to advertise. Who is also familiar guests, may have some familiar life. If you are a stranger looking for a yoke is the first known. Yoke is old bamboo root, root it all up, and sometimes, use the parent to the child, as it questions the integrity, the sky down for software com. Two is dyed green each class com rice flavor, smell dry season paddy, com is extended in each class lotus leaves old beneficiaries consecrate flowers, leaves or green leaf of potato, as cool smooth of satin. Pinch of Com, set at hand, turn upward neck, drop it on top of the tongue, it dissolves, it underground, will whisper sweet interesting applications of country, the lotus pond thousand , the waves curry rice barriers , the color clouds post … and extended memory to a stream long hair fragrant incense soap berry’s someone is sitting crush Com in the moon nights.

Hanoi com - Hanoi autumn taste

 Com cake

Eat from a chew, easy, each pearl blue with flat, soft but aromatic, sweet but cool. Can not eat com in bowls same eat mud. A Hanoi com own food, eating alone com to enjoy the colors, flavors to escape, elegant right is “eat food flavor flowers, food processing and to their image of God to more than their tourism and water …

There are also people like to eat pink fruit sweet for the two color contrast, support positive music, or eat a banana pepper with eggs of a moor hen second banana but autumn new weaving gold more spots each color brown shell into attractive to the eye and vision thurify for my nose, projects like com to sacrifice a part of the flavor.

A Hanoi also eat only com, com fry, com grilled … cereal, but it also has art. Nguyen Ninh cereal line than was typical for the art processing Hanoi delicious dishes, broken into the workshop’s Perfume children sent away to the mother , the exultation of the Tet nearly.


 Com sweetened poridge

She buy com in the past, the hoof, the hoop brown difficulties, the top curved yoke, while dangling the game with stable straw com.

After a few dozen autumn own war, this country still the guns, com downturn has with the South, take the wind of Hanoi, carrying blue and directions to the north with rain Republic of South Vietnam.

When sticky rice by not bending nine gold, was brought. Dich Vong village thickset bamboo structure, flood bright, full of cool wind, typical for the village in Vietnam as the knife, as the area. In the wind and the moon that is sticky paddy then roasted over wood fire, offers complete grind by hand, and screen, then turn back sieve gently quiet… The price, the time, ready. Dozens of such turns, and the rice husk out, set by to by, seeds Com his flat, starting at purchased hams. It also leaves a little more rice to add green to dark and did so rice seeds. Finally, the pearl in that dream sleep is located say in lotus leaves, Ray was really clean cleaning, for the first electric car, leave the city. August through villages round will hear rhythm type in small villages, wine and wine exacerbates , the series of straw green ripple floor by hand say …

Hanoi com - Hanoi autumn taste


Com can not eat much. You buy com who not carry much, not practice as to rice, vegetables and goods. And com can not make as many products in other sticky rice.

Com grain rice is sticky but has other. It is the essence, the situation is also not the same cake cake thick stock … it has thousands of creative life, from water conservation to the nation?

Many years, com thought about being a tomorrow. Fortunately, fall is still green and the country, com is born into, to spring, again at the thought of outside commercial memory.

You the heaven, far out of season! Hanoi sent the letter with green lotus leaves Com package for you here, a little “time Sincerely,” a verse with six bowls and the flavor … Please get you to remember in a season full of Hanoi feel fine …