Hanoi cream season – a hanoi culture feature


Summer to bring about the muggy heat, the hot wind made it easy to anger me eat the cream of 1 cooling solution is not bad. Cream long Hanoi still kept the ancient definition, have something to go to strangers. Now appear more different kinds of ice cream but the flavor of ice cream Trang Tien surely remain in the many Hanoi. Indeed, in the hot summer days walking through Trang Tien streets  see the looks of it crowded.

Hanoi cream season

While no variety of ice cream: only cốm cream, cocoa and cinnamon building but it must still sell the legs are always in hand when customers increasingly pulled into the east. Have no appetite for ice cream? Perhaps with Hanoi Trang Tien street has been associated with ice cream and only ice cream Trang Tien although recently appeared many kinds of ice cream and ice cream shops moi. Many people of the remote provinces to Hanoi are looking for money to the cream , the first ice-cream skin, taste sweeter. From young to old, all love each other, couples … also different in the Trang Tien eat ice cream stands all sealed road. Perhaps in the air that people stop automatically find delicious ice cream more than cool (near the Ho Guom Lake) and simply make it comfortable people do not hon.That comfortable when cream confection future give us more experience so exposed. The child laughs, join eat ice cream, the old man in mom occasionally eat the new 1 piece (too cold for sure) is far from the spouse and the other said laughing a corner. Looks like one too, but noise and light a peace between Hanoi noise changes by the minute is the second peace. I love a Hanoi, Hanoi a hot day in the summer season but has a sweeter cream, ice cream season is a fist someone ride, the drop on the long street noise and enliven …

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