Hanoi fair – piquant feature of the land thousand years


Hanoi old like many other rural fairs where have fair. Hanoi fair do not know from what already exists in the heart of Hanoi as a separate culture and is regarded as a definition “piquant” of the Thang Long land- thousand years of civilization

Buoi market-Hanoi fair - piquant feature of the land thousand years
Old Buoi market


In thousands of markets on the Hanoi area, only the Buoi(grapefruit) market and Mo(apricots) is the daily meeting. Coming to the this special market day, shoppers not only satisfy the shopping needs according to their preferences but also be looking, watching and feeling the air like a fair of the rural markets at homeland. There are many years passed, two open markets have created quite a unique culture to the area of ??Hanoi. But recently, due to the changes of life, markets can not continue to meet under the old rules anymore, and fair only in the memories of people regret the capital.

Old Buoi market located in the western capital, near the West Lake, the confluence of the Thien Phu river and To Lich, favorable terms of trade on the boat landing. People often told that the ancient grapefruit side opposite the flow goes on a lot, people picked up for sale, and eventually have a habit of this called the Buoi region and markets in this region are well known is Buoi market. Old Buoi market is just tent of bamboo with the nature of environs markets. A place for exchanging and selling products of the village Buoi area of the paper like Ho Khau, Dong Xa and instruments of agricultural production of Xuan La, Xuan Dinh regional … Market is always crowded meeting and sales busiest. Buoi market is also a place for people visiting in your spare time, love birds, plants.

Folk have a saying: “Buoi market in a month have 6 session. The 4th days, september be burdened with love”. No one knows exactly Buoi fair is formed when, but it is undeniable that the Buoi market is one market has historical, cultural and most of the land.

Buoi market-Hanoi fair - piquant feature of the land thousand years
Buoi market now

Today, the Buoi market has built spacious, modern, under the management of the Corporation Hanoi Trade, but only fair is maintained by planning a separate area for people to have the opportunity to buy sale of plant and animal breeding.

Mo market is a market area of the village of Ke Mo, the old Thang Long. Over years of development of capital markets in the region of Bach Mai ward, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi. The market is meeting in session on days 2, 7,12,17, 22, 27 lunar each months. According to old documents, in the 13th century, 14, south of Thang Long, and more people living by growing fruit apricot trees (also known as apricots). Derived from the same place with yellow apricot, white apricot, pink apricot that place-name neighborhoods as well as the letter obtained by Hoang Mai, Bach Mai and Hong Mai. Mai according to the Chinese also means that Mo, so that this region is also known Chinese transcribed Vietnamese as Ke Mo.

Mo market- Hanoi fair - piquant feature of the land thousand years
Mo fair held in Kim Nguu street familiar address of those who love plants and animals.

Unlike Buoi markets , tissue can also sell the plant but is found primarily in animal houses such as dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, fish. Become the ideal market for pet lovers in the family. In 2007, the city decided to break into the market to build a dream center of modern commerce. Business households in the temporary market moved out on the Kim Nguu street .

Hanoi is very different now, markets spring up every day, every hour. Hanoi people are familiar with many kinds of new markets, but Hanoi fair still a unique body, although fair in Hanoi today has changed much. Goods at the fair as abundant, more diverse. The huts, thatched roofs by leaves have now been rebuilt more spacious. But despite increasingly hurried life, but at the Hanoi fair seem remained peaceful, quiet suburb of the village.