Hanoi Flagpole – An historical Celebrity in VietNam


Who has to Hanoi 

Take on the Dien Bien
Necessarily visible to dispose
Column with high
The red colourful …”.
Hanoi Flagepole

The familiar verse, or have many products. It’s easy to say because it column Hanoi, one of the “peak” my most famous of the country. Hanoi column is from the Nguyen, in 1812, that is approximately two hundred years. Room under the water column is directly on the main North-South direction in relation of the entire area have, that is way Thien Dao

The body of the column’s vision bowls, as small as rise gradually to around has nearly four dozen vents’s flowers and turn six holes to get fans to lighting inside. To be on top of the column have to climb stairs whirl 60m high building with a total of 51 levels. Body column, the pipe’s bowl vision, built on three floors level square and narrow gradually from bottom to top.

Hanoi Flagepole
First floor level next to each 42 meters, third floor next to each of the 15 meters. On the floor between the back four doors, the doors have this name, now a name was created, only read the three-door is to look sideways gore (welcome Binh Minh) Minh Huong (back light), the Optical (reflective light). Now we look to see flagstaff coffee, but to build the new roof that is not available to buy in 1895 as we add a section for observe and signal lights, the surrounding area.

1945 flag red gold star the first time was the top drag on the column for 9 years and must then go through a period of resistance, to the date of 10-10-1954, the new flag is indicated on the top column.

Usually mannerly show at three pm, the regiment Capital, under the direct guidance of the Prime Minister Vu Vuong Thua, Chairman of Military Committee of Hanoi city, and received. Column Hanoi horns always sung as a culturalheritage, a certificate of existence long history.