Hanoi – fortification and flower: the valuable picture about Hanoi


With photo realistic, painting “Hanoi – fortification and flower” painter Nguyen Doan Son of reproduction of space history in 1946 by Hanoi emotions and memories alive ..

Hanoi - fortification and flower: the valuable picture about Hanoi

“Ha Noi – fortification and flower” show photos, stories of the winter in Hanoi in 1946 – the key of the war against France. Work shows the destruction of Hanoi under the devastation of bomb shells, but even then, still a good Hanoi beauty of the land to civilization, the Thang Long royal citadel, sacred temples, wells neck, then the cross-cultural East – West in French architecture …

Highlights on the space that people enjoy flowers in Hanoi. Built in a natural way the large space, the work contains more story, more character. According painter Nguyen Doan Son, 296 paintings, including figures, images and symbols, each character, personal stories icon. It’s elderly mother pick up the wounded soldiers, behind the Quynh flowers, peach flowers are blooming, or soldiers are holding a bouquet of vibrant flowers of girls in Ngoc Ha village presented. It was a rare moment beside the man and guitarist of Ha Thanh, though only a few minutes, they faced fierce battle …

With realistic images but also emotional, historical painting but not a simulation, illustrated, which is reproduced in space history and emotional memories of living witnesses to history history and books. Painter Nguyen Doan Son, said: “The idea of painting was formed in early 2007, when I see and hear Nguyen Do Bao artists tell Hanoi in 1946 with beautiful memories of the boys, girl and flowers inside the fortification. Also in 2007, Thang Long Royal Citadel revealed. Also, when reading a book as “Living forever with the capital” of Nguyen Huy, “Mau Thuong Ngan” of Nguyen Xuan Khanh … gave me inspiration to paint this picture. “

Before painting suffering associated “Hanoi, fortification and flowers”, Nguyen Doan Son has exhibited drawings and excerpts of the big picture on oil painting materials, with size and perspective sketches the big picture. After receiving input from artists, researchers …, he embarked on canvas painting size 2.25 x9,6 meters this. On 10.1.2010, the picture “Hanoi – fortification and flower” are completed, as a gratitude for the land and culture as meaningful gifts on the occasion of Thang Long – Hanoi round 1000 years old.

Nguyen Thu Thuy artist, said: “Hanoi – fortification and flowers” painted oil painting techniques refined, detailed description of the school, requiring artists to invest more time and enthusiasm. Currently, very few drawings by artists of this school. Though a limited number of details such as picture frames too large compared with the paintings, some images are too specific, or to admit light effects … not high art, but according to Vice Chairman Hanoi Fine Arts, Ngo Cao Giang artist : “The picture shows the scene, the human silhouette in a moment the history of Hanoi. Besides literary works, paintings Ha Noi – fortification and flowers should be retained and may be from the picture like this, young people will read the history books … “