Hanoi in April – the beautiful moment between the spring and summer


April, month interference between the spring and summer! Get and receive regular split create in each person with dazed with longing.

Hanoi in April - the beautiful moment between the spring and summer
Lily- a symbol April in Hanoi

April! month of remembrance and dreams. On the roads where still here violet Xoan flowers, fall softly on your hair. Swirled in the wind direction to create a special scent: warm which was very rural. Distance, rice flower red flower, suggests a dazed remember hard to describe. The sky in the morning, the swallow wings fly …

April! The road to school to become straw laughter. The uniform softer, more gentle. Forget how to grade the afternoon Xoan sprinkle flower purple passages;Lost stars are sparkling eyes of friends … All such trees carved into the road.

April! Moment it is delivered great season. Sunny seems more gold. Sun spot to spread green flamboyant hurry to bloom. The cicadas began preparing for the first music . Heart suddenly the thought of parting. Purple ink lines gleamed in the guestbook page. Oh, my friends, last grade!

April! Both the field as a smooth carpet of green velvet. The hydrated grain engorged waiting to harvest. On your mother’s smile, the eyes of his father beam with happiness.

April on. Conversion time is beautiful. Sun was up and down on the long road. The sun is not harsh like summer, not sweet little like fall or winter. Sunny April gently, transparent make people can to look.

April on. The wind made a chorus conversion season on the green. Wind carrying moisture, humid after surviving the spring, have felt something cold north wind of late from the last cold spell in March. Wind and sun weed travel far and double-quick the streets of Hanoi, going through the old roof or buildings, through the curved dome of a temple or an ancient church, through the park or green water in the lake … all foreboding …

April on. The rain suddenly rushing to, to keep the trees and birds ovation prior to bathe, wash clean the air which increasingly oppressive urban places.

April on. Hanoi replace new shirt. No large the shirt, heavy and gray, put on a new shirt and gently graceful than ever. The Sau trees on Tran Phu street change leaf. The nacre trees on Hoang Dieu street haven’t twist leaves down the road. All are a jade green seemingly infinite. And the road seemed so long forever, for the soul to someone even when you’re tired of encumbered the daily lives also see clearer …

April on. Just as spring has peach blossom, lotus with summer, autumn with chrysanthemum … April has a flower on its own. On every street, we will see a pure white flowers that lovely: Lily.

Hanoi in April - the beautiful moment between the spring and summer

April on. I enjoy wandering along the roads Hoang Dieu, Phan Dinh Phung simply to breathe the rare air, open space in the heart of Hanoi in April but new. As phrase of song that my friends still sing.

“April on, wind sing summer There is the green horizon of sky. Distant clouds, distant wind, river float drift … Hear dazed some branch pomegranate flower, we take leave spring break to sing … April on…”.