Hanoi lotus tea – a fine feature in hanoi culture


Speaking to the arts of enjoyableness Vietnam’s tea often consider tea of Hanoi’s people. Elegant appearance, graceful appearance, the requirements in the food of Hanoi has improved the aesthetics of the tea cup on a level very high.

Hanoi lotus tea - a  fine feature in hanoi culture

If people in other areas like tea “wood” (tea don’t scent flavor), the many families like the Hanoi scent lotus tea, flower tea, flower tea and daisy tea. In particular, lotus tea is a tea you use only to guests of sound or gift.

Hanoi lotus tea - a  fine feature in hanoi culture
Hanoi lotus tea have fragrant specific taste then lotus was scented tea that the lotus of the West lake. Each a kilo tea should be used from 1000 – 1400 big lotus was scented, depend big or small and must be picked before sunrise. Lotus is also the dew cup get the rice grains are then steady spread a class of tea and a lotus of rice. Rice bag with the lotus flavor, get the idea about rice sen as simple to make but rice is not lotus crushed, not dry, and still maintain the flavor sen purity is an art. Final cover a paper. Scent so continuously 5-7 times, each time scent o complete drying and then continue to scent. Elaborately as the tea and a warm shower can take dozens of patrols.

Lotus tea from fine selected sen to pay to stage selected scenting lotus. Time immemorial, people make tea who scent based Ha Giang (Ha Giang – land north of Vietnam, where the mountains high heaven and back river) tea, big green bud tea. Tea scented use simple sen not only do dry up and then to scent, for the 1 kilo tea scent lotus also perform many steps and very elaborately. After tea were picked that ripe to make dry then line banana leaves keep in land pot from 3 to 5 years. Investigating such a long time for tea to become porous, while scent with lotus rice, lotus flavor incense new dipping tea helps keep flavor more durable. Drinking tea cup to the shower water and, lotus flavor still be fragrant.

Hanoi lotus tea - a  fine feature in hanoi culture
This time, the export of tea has awarded a little change, they also want to enjoy the light of the acrid and tea with lotus-scented incense end. For the guests who made the tea-based on Tan Cuong – Thai Nguyen, tea is only dry to scent rice in lotus.

The essence of lotus tea is tea art award, the remote past, usually paid are considered hobbies elegant cultural level of writer, poets. Ancient people offer 1, 2 tea-port packages to the red paper that have seen the emotional in favor of it. Lotus tea because you not only by the process of making tea and a very fine tea and lotus which also offers valuable material larger than a game. Each sen also need to pay in gold. Therefore, when the house is the guest of sound, of the new century they invite a different cup of tea sen.

Today, life is busy neglect, the hobby enjoy tea lost in oblivion, at least one time a week to enjoy lotus tea in the true sense of the word . Now the few families still keep job as lotus tea, lotus tea only for the few tea connoisseur in Hanoi. Those confidential people as Suong’s family – innkeeper Truong Xuan tea in Ngo Tat To street always hope, regular mail tea will return to training as a tea to be a tomorrow and a quintessence of features Hanoi’s cuisine not loss.