Hanoi- Love and nostalgia


Hanoi the days in October autumn still gentle sun morning, a little north-east wind in the street, sweet fragrance of milk every night. Hanoi peaceful way, come right away once but will forever carry nostalgia.

Hanoi- Love and nostalgia

“Not born in Hanoi, but I always wanted to say thank you here.” It was said of Nguyen The American, 85 years old in 12 Minh Khai, Ha Noi. He said the four seasons of Hanoi are beautiful. But maybe, Hanoi autumn with him is the most beautiful, sweetest. Because the collection date of 56 years ago, Hanoi is where young soldier Nguyen The My meet lovers again after many years. This day, on victory pleasure, happiness when he met wife in the army takeover of the capital. A love so far apart by war and reunion back in the day. His wedding that 304 Division was held at Xuan Mai small post

Falls past, Hanoi many changes but Hanoi autumn is fond, full the nostalgic beauty. Love for Hanoi so, over the years to earnest, more deep. He said : Despite living in the heart of Hanoi is always awake to remember about this place as the memory of a way of home. Sounds strange but also very easy to understand, because when a loving heart stopped beating the miss rate.

With Ms Le Boi Huyen in 419 lane Giai Phong street, Hanoi is the memory array is not known the name. She recalls: Capital release date in 1954, her family is in the suburbs of Hanoi. In her imagination Huyen 10 years old, the mother’s narrative, Hanoi celebrated that day and very happy, always full of flags in streets.

Growing up, the more profound memories, nostalgia Hanoi deeply. Undermining the war years, she was evacuated families in Bac Ninh. Every time you return, though busy, she still visited Hoan Kiem lake to drink coffee. There was afraid late hours of the train, not drink coffee. It’s simple, she is so in Hanoi, romantic memories are like smog, a kind of love has no age.

“My family stayed Tran Hung Dao street near Hanoi train station. Each trip was a chance that we would return home from Hanoi train station walk down to the library, go to the Quang Trung street to Thien Quang Lake play. Autumn in Hanoi is quite cold now. Hanoi fall deposition without any real alternative “- Ms. Huyen said.

Each has a unique way to express love to Hanoi. Simple as Mr. Duong Vu Han, a retired union workers, it is eating Com cream between Hanoi sky. He said: “Thuy Ta cream is very close and familiar with the Hanoi, every time you are traveling around the lake, the people never stop in here because it is a very good point.Mid-air in Hanoi fall, enjoy ice cream most is ice Com cream, the more meaningful. Fall is beautiful forever, every era has its own beauty. Fall in Hanoi also has memories from the old days, there are currently busy and dream about the future. “

Hanoi fall memories of him are very far these days with my friends riding through the streets filled with yellow Sau season replace leaves, delicate of milk flowering, sweet flavor of Ylang ylang.

40 years away Hanoi, but with Ms Do Thi Hoang Yen in Ward 10, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh city, though thousands of miles way, where the South is full sun, but each city roof moss, pensive turtle tower, roads, trees such as Hanoi’s still very close. One-way travel between Saigon rain or accidentally through a flower color, a scent on the street, listening to a song, enjoy a delicious Hanoi suddenly missed overflow.

Every time you came home, she is still nervous, waiting, still excited like children are swooping into the mother’s bowels: “I’m three times to Hanoi. Upon returning to the first emotion and memory training in Hanoi too, want to return soon and visit the old house of my neighbor. I return to the North in 1985, the West Lake restaurant and wonderful dessert shrimp cake. In the South has dishes but also in Hanoi.”

Hanoi- Love and nostalgia
The Huc bridge

A busy day in Hanoi, Hanoi a quiet night was so anxious for any student when away from Vietnam. Born in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, with Miss Nguyen Tu Chi, a student at Harvard University states Masachusset, Hanoi is the love, the spiritual is strong, because that is where the nurturing childhood soul, store memories with your family and friends.

Tu share “my childhood attachment to Hanoi. I was away at age 18 in Hanoi, Hanoi should see a lot of other changes. Once I return to Hanoi old town to eat the food and watch those old trees. Now is the opportunity to fall, so I remembered the village round nuggets. Far from Hanoi, I remember after ripening Sau seasons and only in Hanoi.”

Although sticking to Hanoi last few years of college but love of many young Hanoi increases as much as the memories. That’s going to school every morning, greet the new day with affectionate eyes, warm smile of an old man when giving seats on the bus, is one way for his friends on the roadside shops or toad weekend stroll playing the old town.

Mr Nguyen Hoa Binh, in Ha Nam province, students of Hanoi Medical University said: “The first days go to Hanoi, I saw the capital city is modern, a bit noisy. But live and learn here, the more I see intimacy and love Hanoi better. Many places in Hanoi me feeling very peaceful. As such when the Van Mieu, the pensive air, ancient here give me a very comfortable feeling. I also love the shady streets of Hanoi as Hoang Dieu street.”

Memories of Hanoi is about heaven’s own despite being in Hanoi, Hanoi or live far from Hanoi or only one coming to Hanoi. Surely that, everyone found themselves a sense of calm, deep. Find the memory, look in Hanoi to the heart more clearly, to love Hanoi more passionate in nostalgia. Then “ Despite you can go over the world – The heart still remember about Hanoi 

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