Hanoi minster – the famous ancient church in Hanoi


Building on the high land which is foot of Bao Thien tower’s famous Thang Long has since the Ly Thanh Tong king (1054 – 1072). The big temple inaugurate on Christmas, Dinh Hoi year (1887). This architecture is bulky.

Hanoi minster or the Hanoi court, is a church in Hanoi. Place regularly in the activities of religious education under the total Hanoi Hanoi diocese.

Hanoi minster


In 1873, after French troops defeat Hanoi citadel, bishop P.F Puginier (Vietnamese name is Phuoc) with the agreement of Total Director of Hanoi now a Nguyen Huu Do, has occupied a village at the top of the Bao Thien Tu (Bao Thien pagoda), Tho Xuong district (old) and for building here a wooden church. According to some historical documents such as books by Louvet ” La vie de Mgr. Puginier “, historical novel ” Water polo of Ho Guom lake ” by Chu Thien, documents of Paris (edges) … then the minster of Hanoi and Nha Chung of Bao Thien Tu pagoda ancient was built in the Ly reign. This is a home country from the capital city of Dai Viet during the Ly, Tran dynasty. To the Le – Nguyen, this is still the place where the buddhist for prosperous country … Over time and war, Bao Thien tower in Bao Thien pagoda has been ruinous. New church was built on the land of the Bao Thien pagoda, gradually church expanding the whole land of genius became President of the Church. Land of Bao Thien old include all of the churches and Nha Chung street today.


In1882, after French troops into Hanoi second, bishop Puginier Phuoc has completely destroyed Bao Thien to build churches. Estimated cost about 200,000 franc, would reduce government protection for France to open lottery donations. After twice being denied, he finally approved open two stage lottery (a batch of 1883, two first year 1886), the right to contribute approximately 30,000 franc, plus all other sources of funding, full cost completed church in 1886.

Hanoi minster
Original, this church called the Saint Joseph because in 1678 , pontiff Innocentius XI was vestry Saint Joseph (foster father of Jesus) as Saint support Viet Nam and neighboring countries. Therefore, one the largest cathedral in Hanoi to respect the room is “minster respect saint Giuse”. Inauguration ceremony was held on Christmas Eve in Dinh Hoi year (1887).


Church now located at 40 Nha Chung street , Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi, located on a large area of land, adjacent to Hanoi archbishop, Hanoi grand seminary, the Hanoi crucifix line.
Churches designed style architecture Gothicist medieval Europe, is prevalent in 12 th century and the revival in Europe, as in the form of the Reunification Palace Paris with curved roofs wide, direction the on the sky. Construction materials of the church is terra-cotta brick, wall by Boi paper. Churches length 64.5 m, width of 20.5 m and two bell tower 31.5 m high with heavy stone pillars to four corner. On the top is stone cross.

Hanoi minster architecture
In the church lobby, a large door, two-small door of two towers side. The door and all windows are sharp rolling of Gothicist art, combined with the sharp rolling are the picture more color in the glass is very beautiful and harmonious create sources of natural light inside the church. Area is also decorated by folk art traditions, sculpt flowers of wood unique red lacquer trimmed with god and sophisticated. At the time the court has the holy Giuse statue making from terra cotta land higher than 2m.

Hanoi minster architecture
Churches have a West bell, including the four small bells and one big bell, value 20,000 Franc period. Especially the big clock near the middle front churches. Clock has report time, ever, the system reported a bell associated with 5 hanging on through the two towers.

Hanoi minster
Central square in front of churches has the Virgin Mary metal, around the church with road type, flower sinks, behind every rock. At present the entire space and landscape are churches hustle by the development of urban, losing matching scale map of churches.


Hanoi minster
Minster Hanoi Churches is the court’s majority in Hanoi, is one of the center of Christian activity in Hanoi and the adjacent area. Normal days, the church has 2 holy ceremony, on Sunday 7 holy ceremony. In addition, churches also held the ceremony of holy master’s dioceses Hanoi is saint Giuse on 19 March annual.