Hanoi noodles and grilled meat – special taste about vietnamese food


Noodles and grilled meat dishes is gentle, fastidious people can eat and enjoy it. There are two kinds grilled meat: pieces and ball . Pieces made from lean and fat meat mixed to slice suit eating. Ball made from lean meat is chopped mix with spices such as: the, garlic, sugar and members small, round and flat clamp and grill on charcoal, pieces of meat across the fat until outside surface is a will within just nine.

Hanoi noodles and grilled meatBall grilled meat

Vu Bang writers write about what they actually taste the experience: “Sitting in house between the city, you can see scent fragrance having noodles and grilled meat at the end of street parking. It fly to provoke our taste. Fragrances jiggered way, virtual fragrance, it made me remember the many memories infancy, when we go in the properties of dark like pot, noon lunch, the mother called the familiar in To Tich street ” when the childhood Hanoi who was enjoying noodles and grilled meat dishes familiar and close, it is sustained in the cuisine lives of people.

Hanoi noodles and grilled meat

Noodle used to eat with grilled meat are generally small, flexible. Ago but is usually small noodle but this is tangled noodle now. They can’t eat roll out noodle with grilled meat because it does not absorb with sauce as tangled noodle. Sauce for this noodles and grilled meat made from good fish sauce more vinegar, sugar and fresh chilli. All create a harmonization of the individual dots of noodles and grilled meat Sauce that made the financial situation, particularly. Fish sauce not too salty, just the reduction phase. We also add vegetable pickles made from papaya and carrots in, based contributions made noodles and grilled meat and create tasty feel, comfortable. Noodles and grilled meat eat with vegetables, including purple living selling price of life, salad , spoon the spinach … besides we also add some pepper up to smell and feel homey. Whenever find fragrance scent of noodles and grilled meat we not see from them, especially when the food is only right to want to disable a consistent rate of labor to them.

Hanoi noodles and grilled meatPieces grilled meat

When eating noodles and grilled meat, guests just drop grilled meat are hot into the sauce bowl and then eat the dots with noodle and raw vegetable .Noodles and grilled meat can eat with fried meat roll types meat roll and sea crab roll.

Presently still noodles and grilled meat are a lot of Vietnamese people love because of this food contains the features to suit people of food. Foreign guests to Hanoi is very interesting with noodles and grilled meat. In the existing, noodles and grilled meat almost no changes are, they often follow traditional ways simple, extremely dexterity and fine.

Noodles and grilled meat be eating more in the summer, late summer the hot and tired to eat noodles and grilled meat bowls to see you happy again. Hanoi ‘s people who usually eat noodles and grilled meat to the lunch, especially with women, they enthralled noodles and grilled meat, it is a part of your food. For men eat noodle and grilled meat often called roll some pushing and a beer bottle, they just drink beer, eat noodles and grilled meat as a meal in days.

The delicious perfume of noodles and grilled meat will also save people long, because from generation to generation, every class, age is considered a food just average people, is attractive.

Basically Hanoi noodles and grilled meat retain the flavor and form as the past. They enjoy it as broken rice, noodle and grilled meat specialties by convergence lot of material close to human life the Red river delta. In addition to this the food of the other regions will be also with broken rice, noodle eating as crabs roll , shrimp roll yield the water area of advocacy.

Hanoi noodles and grilled meat
Noodles and grilled meat have in many places in Hanoi, not an anchor on any crowded not have it, especially in large markets. Noodles and grilled meat try is to eat, no money to pay more (just over ten thousand Vietnamese Dong). The broken rice, noodle and grilled meat products delicious in Hanoi, a lot of people referred to is the noodle and grilled meat as Dac Kim – Hang Manh street, Nguyen Sinh Tu: 80 Nguyen Khuyen street, 57 To Hien Thanh, noodle and grilled meat by Ms Hien – Lan Ong street.