Hanoi streets now


Erstwhile, the 36 town of Thang Long ancient known by name to the goods street to mark the development of the wards, trade villages. Presently, through thousands of the variability of Thang Long – Hanoi expanded the area of foreign, street is remain name but also industry still, industry lost. Through the dynasties, including the average change, 36 town now street antique.

This Hanoi street is really rich, listen proposed street name information and very modern. The first may be included motorbike street – Hue street.

Here you can purchase a new or original old or any parts of any car with enough “nationality”: Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, China … if you like you can paste the label on the type of car, and how to service can help you move it.

Hai Ba trung street
Hai Ba Trung street

Hai Ba Trung street is par as electronic city, shops in together provide enough electricity chart types: Television, cassette, air conditioning, air conditioner, resulting in beautiful, computer … but prices vary everywhere, service is very individual.

Street equipment and interior decoration – Cat Linh street enough with the design, type, price … are domestic, have imported, are common, high level. If you need also to comment on the layout, design, decoration for your home.

Phung Khac Khoan street with name: fabric street with a team of sales people at the same time the fashion model where many buyers.

Tran Nhan Tong street with name: ready make where fashion collections for all ages, it would have good thing, bad thing try comfortable, the charge high prices.

Tong Duy Tan street famous for the food to the city’s cuisine Thang Long – Hanoi, this street does not smell fry as Mai Hac De street, but very crowded guests, guests are here to enjoy the delicious food, characteristics of culture. However, it is too poor to become the street’s food for the Thang Long.

Hang hanh street
Hang Hanh street

Have you come to Hang Hanh street? If not, you are not a connoisseur. Coffee street, soft drinks this new index of the famous Nhan coffee , now it’s busy with a lot of other names with extremely romantic … This street is where the focus of the trendy to meet friends, to show himself and to enjoy the kinds of tea “for the young,” coffee “World No. 1 “.

Fresh seafood in To Hien Thanh street with sea food very attractive. You can’t eat but you go through town, you are also the staff was welcomed enthusiastically.

“Woman” street – the report Women, Association Women Vietnam located. Street artists – Tran Hung Dao only number 51 is the address to the city of 4 artists: photography, theater, art, musician.

Military street – Ly Nam De beginning to end street is the group’s military: report People’s Army, radio Military television, magazines Military Arts, Acting Military …

Points through a street enough Hanoi now many other very ancient. In part it reflects the changes, the open exchange of capital in the new period.


  1. I love the pictures in Tell me about Hanoi. Above all those on food, cakes and desserts. Just wondering why some are double and if those can be deleted. Blogs are not as easy to do as they look.