Ho Chi Minh museum – picture about life of old father of vietnamese nation


Ho Chi Minh Museum is a large culture works built the aspirations of all people of Vietnam to commemorate the leader of his extremely beloved – President Ho Chi Minh, hero of national liberation, the preeminent culture. The project was inaugurated on May 19, 1990, the right to celebrate 100 years birthday of president Ho Chi Minh. This is also expressed gratitude and eternal mind the huge labor of president Ho Chi Minh and the determination of the people of Vietnam succeeded loyal revolutionary career of great people, strive to build solidarity Vietnam a country of peace, unity, independence, democracy and a prosperous, cooperation and friendship with people in the world.

Ho Chi Minh museumFrom the date of inauguration museum has welcomed millions of passengers to domestic and international visited, research and learning. With functions and duties of an cultural institution , Ho Chi Minh museum has become a research center, about the life of a great human XX century, a man has devoted his life integrity career national liberation, social liberation and human liberation; a man full of integrity of thought, ethics and style, noble and rich life loving-kindness. As the resolution of the institutions of science the United Nations (UNESCO) to celebrate 100th year birthday president Ho Chi Minh stated: “President Ho Chi Minh is the preeminent symbol of a determination of a whole nation, has devoted his life to the liberation groups for peace, national independence, democracy and social progress … the important contributions in many aspects of president Ho Chi Minh in the fields of culture, education and art is the traditional crystalline culture thousands years of people of Vietnam and the thought of who is the embodiment of the aspirations of the peoples to assert their national identity and typical for promoting mutual understanding. “
Ho Chi Minh museum
Uncle Ho with young children
Life of Ho Chi Minh was associate with revolution and culture . The largest culture of Nguoi who has mobilized the power of the traditional nations with essence culture of the era, led successful careers release nation, return to the status worthy Vietnamese culture and contribute to the culture humanity. Knowledge-intensive and cultural substances in Ho Chi Minh had made people have a strong attractive. One poets of Latin America wrote: “Those who want to know how a real man, where is the beauty of the world, where is the victory of truth on earth, where is the spring, please visit to the life of President Ho Chi Minh, the existence of a typical hero of our times.” Today cultural light, light of the revolutionary of Nguoi continue to shine. Through the system on display at museums and heritage which the left, visitors can experience the power of the big old arms to Ho Chi Minh thought for the construction of life present and future.

Awareness of the major culture for development, the State and Party of Vietnam nation are the specific policies to build and develop Vietnamese culture base advanced, charming national character. During this career, as status a special memorial program, Ho Chi Minh museum has and will play an important role. Because this is not just a form of architecture that is really tradition and faith of the nation in thought of a great man. As Professor Tran V?n Giau wrote in the god book of museum “Uncle Ho was a patriot, a revolutionary, a political ideology and philosophy major, Ho Chi Minh museum said to be from political and philosophical thought of Uncle Ho. Ethnic Vietnam boasts one of humanity’s great. In future issues of national independence emerged then thought Uncle Ho’s much more clear. Many foreign guests appreciated the educational museum, a visitor wrote: ” Museum exists as a monument: Ho Chi Minh live forever.”

Ho Chi Minh museum was built at the rear president Ho Chi Minh shrine in the direction of the Hung Vuong street, distance from the Hung Vuong street 260 meters. Museum with president Ho Chi Minh shrine and the presidential relic area form a population of architectural, historical, culture commemorative leader beloved by the people of Vietnam, soldiers excellent movement national liberation, communist movement and workers internationally.

Ho Chi Minh museum is a square cross placed next to each corner about 70 meters and carrying a lotus shape.

With an area of more than ten thousand square meters, Ho Chi Minh museum storage facilities to ensure any kind technical conditions, there are floor display, exhibition. The museum also has libraries for thematic research on President Ho Chi Minh , has 400-seat hall for meetings and film reference materials on Uncle Ho.

Floor gallery of the Museum of Ho Chi Minh include three main spaces: a solemn apartment, the display profile and display the headings to expand.

Ho Chi Minh museum
Statue of President Ho Chi Minh at the solemn apartment
Solemn apartment (the first apartment) is the center of the building, dignified and simple. Here is the full body statue of President Ho Chi Minh in his hand standing posture as welcome everyone to visit. The statue high 3.50 meter, placed on stands high 60 centimeters. On the wall behind the picture is the relief, portray the history and traditions of ethnic Vietnamese culture.

From solemn apartment turn right, we will visit the display profile of president Ho Chi Minh – Prelude to the display profile is the average picture style wood carvings, with iconic art shows a saying of the president Ho Chi Minh “The King Hung had the country up.” Symmetrization with solemn apartment is the time second screen “Uncle and grandchildren together we must keep the country”.

Absorb innovation in the museum, the profile is a system could include: great history and combination iconic space.

Ho Chi Minh museum
Objects on display in Ho Chi Minh museum
Great profile display material artifacts reflecting the life and revolutionary career of president Ho Chi Minh, including eight themes:

Theme I (1890-1910) introduced homeland, family and childhood of President Ho Chi Minh.

Theme II (1911-1920) introduced the way of President Ho Chi Minh through many countries, life and study the process of finding the path of national liberation.

Theme III (1920-1924) introduced the international activities of President Ho Chi Minh in France and the Soviet Union, the dedication of people argues about nations and colonies.

Theme IV (1924-1930) introduced the spreading Mac – Le-nin, the work of President Ho Chi Minh preparation of ideas and political organizations to political party founded by working class Vietnam.

Theme V (1930-1945): introduced the activities of president Ho Chi Minh build and practice the Communist Party of Vietnam, founded Viet Minh front and armed propaganda brigade for the liberation of Vietnam, directly leading to the revolution August 1945, founding the state Democratic People’s first in Southeast Asia . Topics introduced hardships of life of president Ho Chi Minh at people imprisoned in the prison in England and Hong Kong and prisons of nationalist party in Quang Tay (China).

Theme VI (1945-1954): introduced the activities of president Ho Chi Minh with the central communist party of Vietnam, through the proper strategies and financial situation, building and strengthening the fledgling government, followed by the territory directed the people of Vietnam carried out the heroic resistance and that against the French invaders.

Topic VII (1954-1969) introduced the activities of President Ho Chi Minh in many aspects while building the North, South liberation struggle unified country, build friendship and solidarity in partnership with the socialist brothers and friends in the world.

Theme VIII ending with dolorous event: the days of mourning throughout the country to President Ho Chi Minh and the world share the grief with our people.

Topic IX ideology of President Ho Chi Minh live forever in the career of the people of Vietnam, introduced the revolutionary people of Vietnam by train travel sacred of president Ho Chi Minh: “Get out America empire, Get out the puppet regime”, southern liberation, unification, North-South reunion together ” unite the country strives to build a Vietnam peace, unity, independence, democracy and prosper” .

The pictures, writing materials and artifacts on the belt is attached profile closely with diverse art solutions to increase the attraction and attention of viewers.

As perimeter profiles, people also see the movie 8 data historic introduction of vivid images on the journey work of president Ho Chi Minh.

Ho Chi Minh museum
A corner in Ho Chi Minh museum
End of each topic is the symbol art suggests the viewer thinking about the meaning of each historical period, that is the points scored mark the milestone the life of president Ho Chi Minh and the revolution in Vietnam: find way to save the country in 1920, the Communist party was born in 1930, the country gained independence in 1945 , Dien Bien Phu victory in 1954, the days of dolorous in1969. Liberation of the South in1975.

The combination of the object space is a inseparable part of the display profile.

In the general art subjects, with majestic and calculated with the original artifacts, objects simulations, objects with artistic bring the visitor knowledge and feelings about the piece of land attached to Vietnam each stage of the revolutionary activities of president Ho Chi Minh. The cycle tour, we meet with six of the space object.

1. Hometown of President Ho Chi Minh
2. Xo Viet Nghe Tinh
3. Land revolution (Pac Bo)
4. Land struggle (1945-1954).
5. Funeral (1969)
6. Unification of Vietnam

Display on the top floor have the topics and headings expansion (called topics) is the thematic exhibition at the eighth time around the hoop with the following profile:

Time I: the world situation and Vietnam from the early XIX century XX century
Time II: Means the great October revolution and the revolutionary impact to Vietnam
Time III: The struggle against fascism
Time IV: The formation and development of the socialist system in the world.
Time V: Vietnam in the struggle for peace, national independence and social progress.
Time VI: President Ho Chi Minh with the world revolutionary movement

The thematic review on helping people understand more the movements and events of the world’s largest road races in each of the activities of president Ho Chi Minh.

In addition, there are two thematic nature of time:

Time VII: Uncle Ho with the young

Time VIII: Water Vietnam today

Part of the combination of space iconic Pac Bo – Tan Trao where president Ho Chi Minh founded the front Vietnamese Minh 5-1941, 8-1945 decision of insurrection

Ho Chi Minh Museum was inaugurated in commemoration 100th year birthday of President Ho Chi Minh marked results of the staff workers of science, technology, art of many industries, the result of cooperation coordination between Vietnam and the Soviet Union, a symbol of friendship beautiful high in Vietnam – the Soviet Union.

Museum central V.I. Le-nin in the Matsocova-and the advice and cooperation of the Museum of Ho Chi Minh for science and methods of museum display; method guided tour.

Ho Chi Minh museum inauguration is the result of many contributing sectors, many local shows hearts of the people of both countries to president Ho Chi Minh numerous beloved and attention to education mirrors the People of all generations Vietnam tomorrow.

With Ho Chi Minh Museum in Hanoi, the vestiges of President Ho Chi Minh in the country and some branches form a unified system, serving all the compatriots across the country.

  1. Relic Kim Lien – Nam Dan – Nghe Tinh
  2. Areas Duc Thanh – Phan Thiet – Thuan Hai
  3. Park memorial Nha Rong – Ho Chi Minh .
  4. Areas Pac Bo – Ha Quang – Cao Bang
  5. 48 Hang Ngang relics – Hoan Kiem – Ha Noi
  6. Relics Van Phuc – Ha Dong – Ha Son Binh
  7. Presidential relics – Ba Dinh – Ha Noi
  8. Particular area souvenir Nguyen Sinh Sac – Cao Lanh – Dong Thap