Ho Chi Minh Shrine – the resting place of old father of Vietnamese nation


Encyclopedic dictionary world of United Kingdom has introduced President Ho Chi Minh of Vietnam as an architectural form unique world. No place of a mausoleum built with sand, stone, wood is the general material, get popularity chose the whole home country bring.

Ho Chi Minh shrine

Started right on 2-9-1973 and inaugurated on 29-8-1975, shrine was built on the basis of old land in rostrum Ba Dinh Square, where on 2-9-1945 where Uncle Ho declared in reading “declaration independence”, with the whole people say “Independent oath”. The work long 320m, 100m wide, 21.6 m high three classes. Inferior designs to create perron, which may long for the big festival. Floor between the center structure, the two where the President Ho Chi Minh’s corpse lie down , the floors have many rows of square columns of stone flowers guards, corridors and stairs up and down. Increased the shrine’s roof three levels, the middle row has the word “President Ho Chi Minh” stone roses fresh ripe.


Uncle Ho with young children
Who love Uncle Ho more than young children


Ho Chi Minh shrine is designed by Russian architecture “socialist reality” , the original Lenin’s shrine . The shrine has many rows of trees represents rural mountainous Vetnam as Cao Bang bamboo, brown parashorea from Hung’s temple, Ban flower from Dien Bien and 240 square the green. West is a memorial, Ho Chi Minh museum and the floor of Uncle Ho.

Value of special projects as construction materials. Sand is removed from Kim Boi streams – Hoa Binh province, coobble from Son Duong streams- Chiem Hoa, nhoi stones from Thanh Hoa, marble stone from Thay pagoda, red stone from Ngu Hanh Son moutainand 16 type of valuable timber along the Truong Son road.

Uncle Ho with young children
Who love Uncle Ho more than young children

Throughout the construction period, in addition to staff engineers, professional Vietnamese – and Russian workers, there are many youth groups around the country on alternate sub as the whet stone, weeds, plant a trees. A construction, can not be calculate with money, but in the heart of people, the timber, stone of home country, for one person who had sacrifices, take life, the independence of fatherland.

Ho chi Minh shrine
Many stream of vietnamese people and internal people visit the shrine regardless of sun or rain.

The days Uncle Ho went away, two South – North still divided. Contracts with the liquid form, want to build the shrine holding his corpse for the peaceful unification days, the people and international friends can visit. Each day usually has about 10,000 turns, turns 30,000 in holidays. From opening until now to have 100 million visitors, including tens of millions of visitors are international.