Hoa Lo prison – a famous culture place in Hanoi


Hoa Lo prison located in the heart city Hanoi was built in 1896. French built this prison to the detention of the struggle against the French.

Maison centrale

Hoa Lo prison which has a working name of The Central (Maison Centrale), but was built by the village of Phu Khanh, the Vinh Xuong (old), this village is a professional production of Ceramics, day and night is flaming of kiln then village also called Hoa Lo and here also called Hoa Lo prison.

The prison unusual distinction in the residential areas, private Hoa Lo is in the center of Hanoi, the capital of the colonial government.

Besides the prison is a crown court and police inspector department and create a tripod ready to suppress the revolution. Hoa Lo is solidly in the first class building in Indochina, to ant is difficulty to overcome.

Surrounded the prison walls of stone, steel with 4m high, 0.5 m thick, are fixed by the system of steel wire gauze with high power lines run through the four corner towers are able to watch and observe all the moving in the prison.

Prisoner in cell of maison centrale
Cell area where opinionated prisoner

Own systems door of iron are to bring from France. Detention rooms, dark rooms, cramped cell lack of air and famous warden, with senior command prisons ready suppress, even robbed of the life of prisoners.

Hoa Lo prison is hell underworld. When not completed, 1-1899 month prison Hoa Lo has to assumed confinement . According to the original design, just enough detained 500 prisoners, but many times it has been expanded to seat more detained prisoners. The years 1950 – 1953, Hoa Lo immure to 2000 people.

In maison centrale

Currently, the relics Hoa Lo longer maintain the guillotine was the French mobile use, 1-1930 months to be transported to the Yen Bai’s 13 soldiers Vietnam National Party arrested in revolution Yen Bai (leader is Nguyen Thai Hoc).

Guillotine in Maiden


In maison centrale

In maison centrale

Many generations of Vietnamese have been imprisonment in Hoa Lo prison, in which the patriotic confucian scholar as the Phan Boi Chau, Luong Van Can, Duong Ba Trac , Nguyen Van Cu, Truong Chinh, Le Duan Nguyen Van Linh, Do Muoi.

Prisoner in Maison Centrale

Hoa Lo prison has become the school revolution, the environmental practice of thought, of the revolutionary struggle. In Hoa Lo prison, the training of political focus is open, the Prison newspaper, Prison magazines were born making enemy to have consideration.

Prisoner in Maison Centrale

In 1930, for the Communist Party was first established by Mr. Hoang Quoc Viet has made secretary upholding the role leaders, organizing many struggles, getting victory.

After the day the capital completely free (10-10-1954), Hoa Lo prison placed under the management of the revolution. From 1964 – 1973, Hoa Lo prison was detained U.S.A pilot fell in the war damage in the North, in which P. Peterson – later is the USA’s first ambassador in VietNam. After the Paris agreement of 1973, the average American pilot called “Hanoi Hilton”. In the USA prisoner, most famous as the John McCain – who is senator now.

In 1993, on the basis of Hoa Lo old land to make Hanoi Towers, a commercial center is built, the rest become historical revolution of special capital, which is evidence of crime by the French .

But saved many documents and records about the undaunted mirror of many generations of communist soldiers to be translated from here.

Major relics Hoa Lo is also fairly intact with the material you, the scientists showed, is to attract, attracting many tourists and foreign when on the capital.