Hoi An- The peaceful city

Sitting on a taxi from Da Nang airport, my first impression of Hoi An is the sun. Last March but Hoi An hot as Hanoi summer in June. Shiny on the sun roof moss, sun sparkling on the green foliage, smooth golden sun on a winding road the old town …
 Hoi An- The peaceful city
Although a tourist destination and the houses in the old town are trade advantage, but the walls painted in old gold and brown-lined doorway still makes paper flowers of all colors to become Hoi An that the most pleasant city I’ve ever come across.
Goods sold here are not gross like a few other destinations. Dresses, handbags, shoes full color silk, natural stone jewelry, the craft, then photos, map carved enough material, both the books again, the measures are presented moderate in the store makes the buyer feel very comfortable but not in confusion.
 Hoi An- The peaceful city
Engrossed in the store, until the sun came out I was come to Hoai river bank. Gold sun about to set in sparkling rivers. I walk very lightly on the old bridge, feel your own soul of Hoi An is absorbed into the heart, very gently but very deep.
 Hoi An- The peaceful city
Communication into a small alley, I stopped before a door panel tool to sell cake.I have heard much about the Vac cakes, Cao Lau, fried Hoanh Thanh or Hoi An specialties chicken rice famous delicious , but also interesting to sit on the terrace of ancient houses with dark wood truss columns, overlooking the small courtyard filled ferns and space around the sky on top, tasted all kinds of delicious cakes wrapped in leaves packets, chat with the lady sales with white hair but still bright smile, as if still younger was still a glorious time.

Cau pagoda-  Hoi An- The peaceful city
Cau pagoda – The symbol of Hoi An

When we left the small shops of every woman necessarily the sky was nearly dark, lights started to Hoi An. The light blue red purple cage full of gold hanging in stores, on the patio, in the city, filling the trees blurred in the shimmering on the water and Hoai rivers that radiate gentle light of Hoi An to become brilliant and magical virtual exotic.

 Hoi An- The peaceful city

In the old house was requisitioned restaurant, row after row of lantern fully design brightly with brown light of house and furniture to create a old very own definition, as if we had strayed into another era, another dimension. I went on the road along the side of the river looking lantern, hear the wind blowing from the river, listening to my heart so sweet and mellow to strange ..
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