Hue in night – Discovery the beautiful culture of Hue


From 9 pm, the streets of Hue was the sparse people. Imperial City seems sad, but true friends with a young, people the land of origin must know, Hue stay up late.

Dai Noi-Hue in night - Discovery the beautiful culture of Hue
Night in Citadel of Hue


Just by golden light yellow make Hue sagging , just want to get into the room. But to try a round of land at night with street pedicabs on the streets shady tree and yellow lights like that.

Capital of Hue in neat little round Bai Tho hat . The short roads as cut divided the city into small cells of chessboard. So, just about an hour wandering the speed of cyclo acquisition is already enough places need to Hue on the night. And also from cyclo with stories of driver or the friend of the land, gradually opening night of Hue “enough things.”

Cyclo slowly, slowly, like life – such as deep nature of Hue human. Trishaw takes you deep washed into every corner, but easy to ignore the day. Just enjoy the river wind along Le Loi street. Within the “West street” Pham Ngu Lao is a small Hoi An collection of colorful lanterns.

Then, through Ben Nghe and Hung Vuong just from shopping. Truong Tien bridge continue through the Tran Hung Dao and the Citadel. Continue around the imposing Citadel of Hue to take advantage of the brilliant night lights … not so sad. Only one fellow is happy. Otherwise, your driver nor do you have silence along the way .

Thien Mu pagoda-Hue in night - Discovery the beautiful culture of Hue
Thien Mu pagoda- Beautiful feature on the Huong river


Visit Toa Kham river watering place, down to the dragon ferry opportunity to the mid river, took the wind, took on the moon, listening brandishing oars in the water. This really is the Hue, Hue in the hobby night in Hue. Must first enjoy the moon is not up to the top pole and the lights along the river don’t turn off going to bed. The sound of boat cleave waves in the quite space…

Boat upstream to the source, crossing Truong Tien reflect. Through Phu Xuan bridge bright city lights. Through Nghinh Luong Dinh, Phu Van Lau then back toward the Thien Mu pagoda.

Truong tien bridge-Hue in night - Discovery the beautiful culture of Hue
Night in Truong Tien bridge


Between the three rivers, anchored between the stream. Far away sound of song sing while pounding the rice, Hue fork song … Under the white moon stream, with own hands lit the Huong river by flower garland and coloured lanters with the wish peace flit about on the waves …

While most restaurants are closed early Hue, about 10 pm start lowering the lights, cleaning up tables and chairs, though, knows the Hue nocturnal area that know hue is so late.

The oil lamp street – Han Thuyen, specialty Canh cake(rice spaghetti) with cheap rice. Canh cake from the beginning to the end of streets. Enough types to cook with Hue style: snakehead fish rice spaghetti, best flour rice spaghetti… call a hot , eat next on oil lamp and were sitting on stools at each other, very new rare encounter that truly “no where that have this view ”

Thuong Bac- the nocturnal eating area- are reflected Huong Giang river. Wind from the river to cool. There is enough food, drink, just go around is filled enough Hue food. From the snack such as Hue, sweetened porridge with lotus seed specialty dish: sweet, but the light. Or food like mussels rice , Hue vermicelli and beef, plain rice flan, bloating fern shaped cake … or naturally food such as snakehead fish steamed gourd, chilli fried frog …

Canh cake-Hue in night - Discovery the beautiful culture of Hue
Rice spaghetti


Relax of Hue stype is very gentle and poetic features. Vy Da coffee on Nguyen Sinh Cung after 10 hours of the night is still dense. Ancient architecture, royal style. Stewards wear past orient robe, the soundtrack features of Hue. This is the place to call a cup of tea or red tea, royal tea. Not so today then awake all night because … tea. Only lightly.

If not, go back to yellow street at the foot of Truong Tien bridge, sitting coffee close to the river, the wind and enjoy sipping a coffee, hear the sound of Hue River strike in the wind . Or if not, return to the West street, gathered in small cafes to open late last guest.

Hue in night - Discovery the beautiful culture of Hue
Night in Hue


Young people can not come naturally Ngoc Anh Bar. A small bar, now renamed Ngoc Anh tea room, where the present generation as well as the focus of Hue in Hue travelers not want to sleep. Here, can feel somewhat a different aspect of Hue young people, they also work very hard and very young lives not unlike those other cities such as Hanoi and HCMC. Noisy, funky

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