Hung Ky pagoda – A masterpiece of Buddhist architecture


Hung Ky pagoda (or Vo Hung Thien Am) by Mr and Mrs Hung Ky put money to build. Mr Hung Ky is a great businessman get married, Ms Vu Thi Sau home in the Hoang Mai village. By prosperity working, he has brought the dilapidated pagoda in the Pho Cat to build on land north of Hoang Maivillage in 1932. Earlier, in central of Hoang Mai village had Nga My pagoda, being built in the Ly dynasty, so to differentiate with the ancient pagoda, the village temple called Hung Ky is the Moi (New) pagoda.

Hung Ky pagoda - A masterpiece of Buddhist architecture

Architecture in Hung Ky pagoda is unique artistic end of Nguyen dynasty. On campus occupy 3000m2, the buildings of the temple Hung Ky as the three-door temple gate, three refuges, Buddha Hall… convenience for Buddhists celebrate the ceremony.

Hung Ky pagoda are still kept largely intact large number of multi-colored ceramic tiles were mounted, facing the components of the architecture, describes the analysis of the Buddha , which one enters the temple must also surprised about the arts Vietnam’s artists of the XX century. Inscription in Hung Ky pagoda signed by the Nam Mai composed in 1933.

From Mo market, turn left on Minh Khai street, go to walk 300m to Hung Ky pagoda. The dome covering the port has 4 letters in “Thi Nhan Giac Lo” (sure to know from this is the path to enlightenment).Go 50 meters, although the two sides close alley private houses, we easily recognize the three-door temple gate with pyramidal structure of three floors decorated elephants, horses, tigers-faced design … Standdownstairs magnificent bell , visitors would stop reading Nom parallel sentences describing the scenery.

Through a large yard to the three refuges and Buddha hall. Three refuges have 7 apartment including 12 columns, each column 7m high, square 30cm. Entire rafter column, beams were reinforced with concrete, the outer layer is pink granite. Pagoda roof tiles tube, first add the Tho word. The roofs of three refuges in a timber outside the tiles ceramic enamel decorate by De leaves. In each of De leaves have lemon flowers four petals.

On top of the roof , the center is the Buddha of sweet dew use to sprinkle down to earth saving sentient beings. The sun have the spark torch represents knowledge. In the around of head decorative themes in the story “Tay Du Ky”, describes 81 Duong Tang tribulations along the way Tay Truc to take the prayer books .

Hung Ky pagoda - A masterpiece of Buddhist architecture

Buddha statue in Hung Ky pagoda not much but every large bulky than the other pagodas. Buddha Amitabha statue in the middle high 3.86 m.. Adding the high brick pedestal 1.3 m high statue is 5.19 m. Statue placed on a lotus with dhyana position and interpretation style. Statuary body let go of the long robe with many waves, the two arms round belly. Head sculpted shape screws cap, the long ears, gentle face, eyes looking down slightly.

Before the Buddha Amitabha statue is Buddha Mitreya statue. Mitreya is Buddha future replace Shakyamuni alternative governing beings. Probably stems from the concept of paradise in front of world peace to the galaxy Mitreya statue in a sitting position, paunchy, plump face, smiling cheerfully. According to the Buddhist faith Mitreya until birth, humans have gone through 8,108,000 years.

Before Buddhism hall is the three refuges where is located the Goddess of mercy and Dai The Chi statue. Two carved wooden statues 3.3 m high, standing on a lotus pedestal placed on brick high 0.56 m.Goddess of Mercy statue head wizard hats, body wrapped frock mon’s robe standing posture of put up one’s hands. Dai The Chi statue bring the holy water.

Two gable walls at three Refuges that two of Pluto ten great halls dynamically structured. Human subjects, the devil, Pluto was made by Mr Thuc – a village of Bat Trang artisans knead by clay, color scanning,enamel and bring baked . Each side has five Pluto, 2 Uranus and many others.

Hung Ky pagoda - A masterpiece of Buddhist architecture

Pluto ten great halls has 3 shows three different scenes. Pluto is sitting the middle court judge offenders. Downstairs is hell but life imprisonment before the earth have committed to the prohibition of the Buddhist commandments. Upstairs is a delightful scene of the freedom that people in past lives clean, kindly … To show clearly the above themes, the artists also used the method very sharp contrast. The scene on the ten great halls has a stork wingspan flying freely in the sky because a previous life in healthy eating sage should be relaxed and comfortable. Hell scene is the opening scene of abuse who have maltreat person previous lived unrighteous.

After the Buddhist hall was the stele house, squares each dimension of 4m. Stele house built of brick and concrete structure four cylinder two-roof. Also, at the roof edging, below symbol “Tu Mon Xuat Du” of Shakyamuni religious enlightenment and positive stories describing Quan Thi Kinh. Between the house is the stele is made of stone monolithic square 1.1m, high 2.7 m. Above the image vault carved, sculpted tip of the lotus blossom. Decorative valances beer vine flowers. Stele edging carved sides Han words, Quoc Ngu engraved sides.

In the pagoda have Tam Thanh communal house and Mai Sau palace. Palace sectors have burned incense, forbidden palace, Ngu Mon. Yard of palace have water tank and rock-garden. Mai Sau palace decorative porcelain color picture cover, such as the 8 fairies in South, Lieu Hanh stories became of Buddha, Que Nuong statue, Nhi Nuong, Thanh Thien…

Hung Ky pagoda - A masterpiece of Buddhist architecture

Who have created the first architecture is unique to Tran Van Thanh (owners of Cau Duong brick factory , is now also evidence base across the Duong bridge). In the 30 years of the twentieth century, Mr. Thanh(popular name Hung Ky), who is head of business acumen, quickly acquire advanced engineering, brick and tile of his factory made was the domestic preference. When the French in Macxay fairs, he also brought samples of goods to the projects and was awarded medals. Willing admired land near the south gate, where he has many memories attached, and he spent Hung Ky Bonus at international fairs and more interest, more than 4,000 money of Indochina, to build the Hung Ky pagoda. As preparation for starting construction of the pagoda, his brick factory with many artists have devoted 5 years to produce ceramic materials and decorating. Not completed, he bought more land in the village of Hoang Mai, Tuong Mai included in the pagoda.

Chua Hung Ky completed in 1932, up to now has been 78 years. In 78 years, our country has experienced two devastating wars, so that the pagoda is still intact. There are people compare unique architectural monuments Hung Ky like a pagoda flower art, spanning many thousands of storm still best flavor merciful heart of the city. Pagoda was the Ministry of Culture – Information ranked conservation in 1992.