Introduce some spice vegetable- the magic of Vietnamese food


Spices vegetables make food more colorful, attractive, alluring by the taste characteristics containing fragrant oil in it. Spices vegetables and are the most antibiotics vegetation effects hold back bacteria development. Combination of spices vegetables in Vietnamese food makes them attractive and partly create special features for Vietnamese cuisine.

Vietnamese Vegetable
Coriandrum sativum

Coriandrum sativum
Coriandrum sativum growing popularity around the country to eat with other dishes such as hot fry also fry beef, fry fresh cuttle. Mixed with marijuana vegetable slices, mint vegetable, basil vegetable, eryngium, coriander to eat noodle and grilled meat, meat roll noodle.

Lang basil
Lang basil
Lang basil is the first vegetables to specialty of land Lang, Hanoi where the elements of it that other areas should not have to Lang basil it in the other variables will be variability , no pure flavors. Lang basil used to re-eat goat, the pig farming more creating a uniquely fragrant, attractive.

Xuong song leaf

 Xuong song leaf Xuong song have strong perfume smell. It minced meat baked, fry grilled chopped meat or cooking meat, fish soup.

Ram vegetable Ram vegetable Ram vegetable outside fragrance is also clang comfortable. Ram vegetable slice small cooked beef, pork is easy to eat because of oil also contains a lot of cutting.


Basil have strong perfume often and to eat with the pigs more delicious like Lang. basil. Especially meat basil and dog meat have to go together with new delicious.


Thac lac fish soup with dillThac lac fish soup with dill

Dill are fragrance smell good to use cooked fish dishes vinegar, braised fish wealth, fish boil fruits, wood frog eggs or prepare meat. Dill is on the increase of marijuana time items, as well as sup white cheese dishes in Europe. Dill is mixed with chopped butter dish will be “green pate” that delicious western favorites.

Perilla have a special fragrance. Perilla leaf has sam purple color, has soft blue but useful of the same. Perilla mixed vegetables with noodle and grilled meat, meat roll noodle, but delicious is more than cooking in snail with stuff fake tortoise or fish porridge. When you are ill eat bowl of onion porridge very hot with perilla be well again.

Marjoram also came with vegetables and food to eat with fry dishes, grilled chopped meat dishes. Fry soya curd must eat with marjoram that make to feel delicious dishes.

Sa root
Citronella can get root, bulb making spices. You can get root to mix meat that create perfumed for grilled chopped meat dishes.


Eryngium to eat shrimp cocktail, crabs, sea fish to increase the flavor. Cooked good or live food is still stay warm perfumed.

Lot leaf
Lot leaf in grilled chopped meat
Lot leaf grown in home gardens have more shade trees. It use for cooking snail , cooking fry grilled chopped meat but different with fry grilled chopped by Xuong song leaf.


Houttuynia grown in wild moist areas. When you need to eat with fish dishes people find out field rarely have to buy. Houttuynia have smell fishy than fish. Sai Gon’s people of like vegetables but outside the north of Vietnam not only by the familiar aromatic vegetables.

Cai cuc cai cuc Cai cuc life used to eat with fish, mainly fish porridge will see emission delicious smell attractive, comfortable.

Root of gieng Rieng root Individual varieties is wild, tropical forests are available. Fish to stock, dog meat dishes seven individual is not a lack of appetite, especially dishes “rua man” Fish pot lining storage wells at the bottom with fresh tea leaves dry storage, the fish eat all the food separately and fishy deep underground in the bowel, tasty-fat food for thought as fat still eat fish.

Root of ginger

Spicy ginger-scented detergent smell good shade of packaging, squid, fish, meat chicken, beef. Cook ginger bury dam modification of fish, snail steam ginger leaves. Chicken meat, duck meat boil in ginger smell up fat fat. Ginger together with salt in bowl of delicious fresh water use should be me “Ginger salty spicy salt would not forget each other.”

Flowers onion
flower Onion

The flowers onion are not root, pipe of leaf was a small, fragrance appeased. Western people are calling the “value grass”. Pho bowl haven’t the flowers onion the perfume can not. It use fry dishes bring delicious for food .

beef phoFlower onion in beef Pho

Fresh chilli

Fresh peppers are as many types: only natural chilli, chilli pepper, chilli Binh Tri Thien, peppers tomatoes, peppers crest, peppers vegetables Da Lat … chilli spices are unique in subjects with colon food time. peppers soaked plantation appeased, fold in fresh peppers immerse colon can eat with shrimp, crab, meat, pho, noodle… to do any dishes.

Dried garlic Dried garlic Garlic is dry and just because the medicine is not good for stomach ulcers, liver failure and kidney pain. Mash garlic with vinegar peppers and delicious fish sauce spoons boil water morning glory the summer, dot with fry bamboo shoots, fry roll meat, noodle and grilled meat Beef fry with garlic complex fragrance.

Lemon leaves
Chicken with lemon leaves A spices can not be missing when boil chicken meat is soft lemon leaves. Green leaves of lemon, yellow skin of chicken fat into a fun day, date and time, Tet did not need first any other.