Khuc Cake – the traditional cake in Vietnam

Each year, on the February and March of the lunar , when the weather is warm at birth grow a plant species grow on the land along the fare along the river dike. Species tree for the smooth green, with an aromatic, tasty very special. Also from species with simple name – “Khuc tree ” is that the mothers of the North has made a cake making expatriates in any heart of every memory

Khuc Cake -  the traditional cake in Vietnam
Khuc cake has ever since? No one knows, people only see that for a long time, the specific cake flavor was put into people’s consciousness through the Northern pitch every night. Making cakes was not difficult, but it requires meticulous and experienced people do. Then mothers often told her daughter before her husband home to “learning to make Khuc cake”. That is to know the resignation husband’s work then become new devotion daughter in law.

Khuc Cake -  the traditional cake in Vietnam
The name was revealed to be mainstream material pie this Khuc leaves. Khuc leaves make cake that the leaves is picked from the early. Use the leaves are pounded fine and mixed with rice flour to make crust. Stuffing cake made from green beans cooked to retired real fine map, roll into ball as chicken egg with lean and fat meat mixed cut tiny cubes, sprinkle a bit more pepper to flavor up. Seamless thin crust very clever how full cover stuffing cake. Arrange each cake in pan steamed as cooking steamed glutinous rice, each cake layer rudder sprinkle good rice was soaked carefully to make coat cake. From boiling water to cake done to a turn about per incense.

One can enjoy Khuc cake everytime when you like. Khuc cake sale along with several other types sweetmeat confectionery in the evening. Not only is the gift of mother earth home, so it is a thirst for expatriates. How people forget the popular gift because it is crystallization of the land, the heaven, love of homeland.