La Vong fried fish – a famous dishes that you should not skip to Hanoi


La Vong fried fish which is a popular dish from their family mission processing for time against France, to cover the eyes and create conditions for the activities of an anti-invader group of patriotic easily.

La Vong fried fish

Fried fish has become to enjoy food to the customers – Hanoi’s gastronomic. Long time, the two fried fish is called the street name and it has become one of the addresses the material culture of the famous ancient Hanoi – present. In restaurants always described him as a La Vong sitting pillow fishing the stream lines – the symbol of cleverness that agreement in time of the wait. So familiar guests called La Vong fried fish , now become the name of the restaurant.

La Vong fried fish

Epicure must wait until the start of winter, the food delicious new pie. Fish make grilled chopped as the fish is very fresh Lang properly because, as Lang few fish bones, meat and the sweet perfume. No new fish Lang is forced to have mudfish, snake-head fish. Previously in the restaurant also has good processing grilled chopped fish from Anh Vu fish to the fork in the river under Hac Bach Viet Tri city. Meat fish that filter out the fiber with rolls baked on the perfume. But this rare fish, the season should have grilled chopped fish are rare and expensive new. So to serve tea to the customers today, the restaurant must often replaced with snake-head fish.

La Vong fried fish

Fish meat get the two ribs, slice scent with galingale’s water ferment, pepper, fish sauce and then clip into pairs bamboo cooking on flaming charcoal kiln put on your table. Access to smart people for nine gold fish are the two sides then remove the bowl, half the fat is boiling over. Fried fish to eat hot food, eat with dry pancake or noodle, roasdted peanuts, coriandrum sativum, basil, dill fennel, fresh spring onion bulb split small with shrimp paste, squeeze lemon juice and investigate a little belostomatid , add a few drops of white wine.

La Vong fried fish

Specific people to eat in, get home decorum, just eat just fiddling with a little liquor see all the new flavors are featured in a two dishes this strange mouth. The fat-free hot flowers of sound established kitchen. Color grill gold fragrant placed on the class of vegetables is the green , flaming charcoal kiln, warm to the feeling we are entitled as the essence of heaven and father land.

Patricia Schultz has La Vong fried fish to book “1000 places should know before you die” (1000 Places to See Before You Die).

In late 2003, U.S. manufacturers believe MSNBC was shortened again and set the restaurantLa Vong fried fish in Hanoi in position 5 of the 10 places should know before you die along with 9 places, famous festivals around the world

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No 14, Cha Ca street
No 107, Nguyen Truong To street